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I don’t love every Focus T25 routine but Beta Dynamic Core isn’t bad. The exercises in this video are good.  It’s the pace that’s hard to swallow.  I wish he’d go just a beat faster.  The workout would be so much better, in my opinion. Let me tell you the facts about this T25 workout… […]

A T25 Review of Beta Dynamic Core

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I don’t much like Shaun T in the T25 series. There are a few routines in T25 that are pretty good (Ab Intervals, for instance) but I’m giving Beta Upper a B-. Let me tell you why… Here’s a reminder of what the program looks like: I think it’s because I’m familiar with the Shaun T […]

A Review of T25 Beta Upper Focus (it’s nothing like Insanity)

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If you know Shaun T from classic Insanity, The Asylum series, or Insanity Max:30 you won’t recognize him in Focus T25. He’s almost calm during these videos.  I personally miss the other Shaun T (the guy I love from Insanity) when I do Focus T25 workouts.  But that’s just me. Here’s what the Focus T25 program looks […]

A Review of T25 Alpha Cardio (hang on ’til the burnout)

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