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A Review of T25 Alpha Cardio (hang on ’til the burnout)

September 1, 2016

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If you know Shaun T from classic Insanity, The Asylum series, or Insanity Max:30 you won’t recognize him in Focus T25.

He’s almost calm during these videos.  I personally miss the other Shaun T (the guy I love from Insanity) when I do Focus T25 workouts.  But that’s just me.

Here’s what the Focus T25 program looks like:

Focus T25 is for the beginner/intermediate athlete.  This program is not in the same league as any of the Insanity workouts.

Let me explain why I give T25 Alpha Cardio a B- rating…

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Instructor-Shaun T



Length-25 minutes (27 with the cool down/stretch)

HRM-237 calories


My rating- B-

The Important Stuff about Focus T25 Alpha Cardio

T25 Alpha Cardio is not inherently a bad workout.  I give it a B- rating because I don’t find it challenging enough.  You may love it, though.  I think the entire series is a good option for a beginner. (I rate some of the other T25 workouts higher).  Read about a few of the other ones here.

Focus T25 comes with 2 stages of videos.  The first stage of workouts are from the Alpha family (this review is from one of the Alpha workouts) and are easier than the next stage of videos (Beta) included in the purchase of the basic package of the T25 Series.

There’s a third stage of videos (Gamma) that you can purchase separately to get 4 additional workouts that progress one more step beyond the Beta stage (and you can access all 3 stages in a Beachbody on Demand membership).

TIP >> Read more about Beachbody on Demand

Shaun T does more walking around than exercising in T25 Alpha Cardio.  It’s a pet peeve of mine.  I prefer that the instructor work out with me.

There’s a countdown clock in T25 Alpha Cardio.  That’s a good thing.  I love those.

T25 Alpha Cardio has two cycles of circuits (progressions) followed by a burnout section (after each cycle).

Tanya is doing the ‘modified’(easier) version of the workout.  If you’re following her you’re either just starting an exercise program, have an injury or illness, or are taking it easy for the day. I don’t think she even breaks a sweat.

Here what you’ll be doing in T25 Alpha Cardio…


There’s no official warm-up but the exercises start at the pace that a warm-up would begin.

Cycle One

The first cycle is a series of  5 circuits of exercises that Shaun T builds on (progresses) to more advanced moves by going faster, bigger, or by adding additional movement (you’ll see what I mean in a second, just keep reading).  The moves are very simple.  I like the way these build.

The arrows denote the way the exercises progress in complexity

First Progression

Alternating Knee Lifts>>Alternating Knee Lifts On Toes>>Slow Control Jog>>High Knee Jog

Second Progression

Jack Feet >> Double Jack Feet>> Double Jack + Arms >> Basic Jacks (this progression will wake up your calves)

Third Progression

Alternating Step Pivot Lunges >> Pivot Lunge Hop >> Pivot Lunge Hop Touch Knee >> Pivot Lunge Hop Touch Floor

Fourth Progression

Heel Tap Right >> Heel Tap Left >> Lateral Sprint (sprint to the right and then left) >> Lateral Mountain Climbers

Fifth Progression

Jump Rope >> Jump Rope Up & Back >> Jump Up & Back Slow >> Half- Tuck Jump (don’t try to tuck, just focus on jumping and barely flexing your knees)

Burn Out I

With 15 minutes on the clock Shaun T starts the first of two Burn Out drills.

At a fast pace, you repeat the most intense moves out of all the progression circuits you just did.  (It feels like the workout finally starts here.)

Basic Jack >> Pivot Lunge Floor Touch >> Lateral Mountain Climbers >> Half-Tuck Jump

Now he goes back to build up some new exercises for Cycle Two.

There’s a lot of lower body work in this section.

Cycle Two

There are only four progressions in this cycle.

First Progression

Control Squats >> Hop Squat >> 2 Hops Up & Back >> 2 Hops Squat to the Right/Left

Second Progression

On Your Mark (*get set*) Sprint-Left (really sprint here) >> On Your Mark + Up Down Left (these are fun) >> On Your Mark Sprint-Right >> On Your Mark + Up Down Right (make sure you’re bending at the waist for these, try not to round your back)

Third Progression

Alternating Low Kicks >> Low Kicks On Toes >> Low Switch Kicks >> High Switch Kicks

Fourth Progression

Running Lunge >> Split Lunge Agility >> Jack Feet Out & In >> Speed & Agility (combo of the last two moves)

Burn Out II (5 minutes left)

Remember the burnout section is all of the hardest moves of each circuit put together.

2 Hops Squat >> On Your Mark Up Down Right/Left >> High Switch Kicks >> Speed & Agility

There’s about 2 ½ minutes left in the workout.  Shaun T takes you through a few more pairs of exercises using the same concept as the rest of Alpha Cardio (where the exercises build on each other).

Hop Up & Back >> Hop Side + Side

Alternating Speed Knee Slow >> Alternating Speed Knee Fast >>

High Knee Jog >> Slow Control Jog

Cool Down/Stretch

Don’t stop the video.  There’s a short cool down/stretch with Shaun T.  His workout team isn’t a part of this section.  (Honestly it’s kind of weird when he suddenly appears all by himself.)

Now What?

The last 15 minutes of Focus T25 Alpha Cardio are fun.  I wish the whole video was at least as lively as the last 15 minutes. 

Remember this is one of the Alpha videos (Shaun T calls these your foundation workouts).  T25 builds up in intensity through each stage with Beta and Gamma workouts being harder so don’t base your opinion of the entire T25 series on one Alpha workout.

This is a perfect workout to pair with a  3-5 mile run.

You can find Focus T25 by Beachbody on Amazon.

And Focus T25 is in the library of workouts in a membership to Beachbody on Demand.

Thanks for reading!


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