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The Ness Digital (what you need to know)

April 26, 2022

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The Ness is an international fitness method focused on trampoline cardio and muscle sculpting started by Alison Giampolo and Colette Dong. The Ness Digital is the name of their online digital workout library with hundreds of bounce and sculpting routines for home exercisers. After chatting with the co-founders for episode 101 on the Crunches and Cosmos podcast, I wanted to share my review of the digital library option for home exercisers as well as some insider information about this fun, effective workout and its founders.

We’re a dance-based, movement focused fitness method that offers workouts both on and off the trampoline. At The Ness, we get people to love and look forward to movement. We bring our whole selves to fitness so you can too.


You can listen to my interview with the cofounders of The Ness below:

What is the Ness Digital Library and Ness method?

The Ness Digital library is a members-only workout library, with 100’s of sculpting and bounce/rebounder workouts lead by instructors in the Ness method that you can do at home anytime you want.

Bounce workouts have been on my list for a long time. I had a LOT of questions about them. Was I going to fall off the trampoline? Get my foot stuck in the springs? Hit the ceiling in my home gym? Double bounce myself into a a wall or a twisted ankle?

I’m happy to report that none of that happened. In fact, I’m now convinced these routines are ideal for (almost) anyone.

And the very cool thing about the Ness Digital workout library is that it’s MORE than bounce workouts. There are also 100’s of sculpting workouts that don’t use a trampoline. (Just in case you don’t want to ‘bounce’ every day.)

The library has all the best filters in place for users including one for time, program, and level of exerciser.

You can find classes for beginners to advanced that are 10 minutes to 45 minutes long.

All the bounce and sculpting routines have varying difficulties of choreography but they all follow the same format--each class is like a puzzle that you keep adding pieces to until you have the whole picture at the end. (It reminds me of the electronic game Simon I played growing up where the colors would light up in order and after each turn another color was added to the pattern.)

Be patient. I’m a novice at bounce workouts (but an advanced home exerciser) and I was able to get most of the pattern of an intermediate workout down by the 4th time I tried it. I still haven’t been able to do an entire advanced combination. I think learning this bounce method is probably a lot like doing a step workout for the first time. Stick with it and it’ll be the most fun you’ve had doing exercise in a long time.

We take a different approach to movement. We don’t subscribe to outdated ideology about fitness and weight loss. We want you to feel good and focus on your own goals. We’re here to help you run your own race. We also do this on a trampoline.


The bounce workouts are low impact!

I learned this during my interview with the co-founders and by watching the ‘bounce basics’ videos in the library before I tried my first class. (Start there if you’re new to bounce.)

The sculpt routines have a barre/Pilates style (what you might get if you blended something from Obé Fitness and The Class) and are always more challenging than I think they’ll be before I start.

I’m a big fan of the angle they film the classes.

Many of the bounce routines are filmed with a reflection of the instructor in a mirror. So you see her face talking to you in the mirror and you can follow the lead leg from behind. It’s similar to the angle used in the Tracy Anderson digital studio but off to the side (not straight behind the instructor). I love this angle.

And The Ness studio is gorgeous, too. That just adds to the experience.

You’ll also love that these workouts require firing of the neurons! You’ll have to stay focused and will NOT be bored–The Ness method includes a mental challenge in addition to a physical one.

One of my favorite things Aly and Colette said during the interview was, ‘Don’t take yourself too seriously. And have fun.–Those are the people who will get the most out of the class.’ Great advice.

The Ness Instructors

There are a variety of instructors teaching classes in the digital library that are all trained in The Ness method. (I love all the instructors but Aly and Colette are my favorites.)

Every workout in the digital studio is between you and the instructor. It’s not a group class.

Each instructor has her own flavor but the routines all follow the Ness method/technique.

You can sign in to your membership using the app or web browser. The app is easy to navigate and you can download routines to do later (if your internet connection doesn’t stream video well).

Are there LIVE workouts in The Ness Digital Online library?

There are 2 livestream classes a month included in your Ness Digital membership.

You have to email The Ness team at hi@thenessnyc.com to book your class.

*Your membership also includes a complimentary 20 minute consultation with a member of The Ness. There’s a link to schedule your appointment on the website.

How many workouts are there?

There are 100’s of routines inside the digital library with new ones added regularly.

What equipment do they use in The Ness workouts?

A trampoline (if you want to do the bounce workouts you’ll have to have a mini trampline…you don’t have to use a Ness trampoline, though), light weights (1-5 lb dumbbells), and sliders (called skimmer on the website) are used in the sculpt classes (but many of the sculpt workouts don’t use any equipment).

What makes the Ness trampoline different than other mini trampolines?

I wont lie. When I saw the cost of the Ness trampoline I think I gasped.

Then the trampoline I ordered off Amazon (for roughly half the price of the Ness version) arrived.

The Ness trampline is GORGEOUS…mine is not.

Now that I’ve used my version I think I understand why someone would invest in a luxury trampoline.

Nothing wrong with mine, mind you, I’ve done a BUNCH of routines with it now (and it’s been fine), BUT I’d love to try all the Ness workouts on one of their springless trampolines with those adjustable tension settings. I just feel like it would make a difference.

I can see myself asking for a Ness trampoline for Christmas.

Once you fall in love with these workouts then support The Ness team of women and invest in one of their beautiful trampolines.

Is there a nutrition plan included with your subscription?

There’s no nutrition plan with your membership to The Ness Digital.

How much space do you need to do The Ness workouts at home?

I was worried about needing a higher ceiling to do bounce workouts but in reality you stay low in a controlled bounce (if you’re doing it right) for the majority of the workout, so I never felt like I was going to hit my head.

My hands have grazed my ceiling fan a few times when I swing my arms but nothing dangerous.

How many calories will you burn doing workouts in The Ness?

The bounce workouts are a good cardio routine. Expect to burn what you would in any steady state cardio workout.

My favorite routines in The Ness Digital library…

Bounce! SO fun!

But a short upper body sculpt routine paired with a bounce workout is a perfect comination.

Is it hard? Who for? Men? Women? Beginners?

The exercise level assigned to each routine has a lot to do with how complex the combinations are in the workout. So, the advanced workouts have advanced choreography.

If you’re a beginner and bounce sounds fun then sign up for The Ness Digital and start with the basics and build up from there.*

*Keep in mind that even if you consider yourself an advanced exerciser you should start with the beginner category if you’ve never done bounce so that you don’t get hurt.

These routines are ideal for women but I’m sure there are plenty of men who love them.

How much is a subscription to The Ness digital workout library?

There’s a 7-day free trial period followed by a monthly cost of $39.99.

But you get a LOT for your money.

  • Over 300 videos, 10 different modalities and seasonal special programming (with more added all the time)
  • A fun, private community for Ness subscribers to hang out and chat
  • 2 Live sessions a month with the studio in Tribeca
  • a complimentary consultation for new subscribers

What would make The Ness Digital membership/workouts even better?

I like to include at least one way every platform can improve when I write a review.

Overall, there’s very little that The Ness Digital could do to improve on the experience. They’ve got a fun, unique workout method with great instructors and an easy-to-use library to bring the experience to your home.

However, I’d love to see a Roku app in the future.

And there are a few workouts where the audio for the instructor is really low for me. This isn’t a gamechanger by any means but since I’m still learning I really want to hear the cueing by the instructor every time I hit play.

Is it worth the cost?

Yes! And if you love the workouts then invest in their trampoline.

This workout subscription is a slightly higher investment than many of the other companies on the market, BUT they’re one-of-a-kind so you’re paying for a very unique experience you can’t get with another service.

My recommendation?

Browse the beautiful Ness website.

Listen to my podcast episode so you can learn as much as possible about The Ness from the co-founders, Aly Giampolo and Colette Dong.

Sign up for the free trial period!

Try the routines!

Have fun bouncing!

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