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My Review of Alo Moves for Home Exercisers

February 12, 2022

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Updated 2022

Alo Moves is a streaming home workout service created by the Alo brand. With your membership to Alo Moves you get access to unlimited yoga, fitness and meditation classes lead by their pro instructors. This exercise on demand service stands out in several ways but it’s not for everyone.

Keep reading to find out more before you sign up for the free trial period–including the Alo Moves style of routines, what equipment you need to do the workouts, how much space you’ll need, how much it costs to sign up and who I think will love this service the most.

Who is the Alo brand?

The Alo company started as a yoga clothing line in 2007 in Los Angeles and then branched out to create Alo yoga studios and now have the Alo on-demand service so anyone can do their workouts from home.

I’m in love with the Alo brand story and mission they share in this video (watch it if you want to be inspired):

And in case you’re wondering, Alo stands for air, land and ocean. The Alo company is out to change the world starting with yoga and flowing into all of their environmentally conscious practices and projects.

And if you’d rather read about the Alo mission you can do that by clicking here.

The Alo Moves workout styles

The surprising thing about the workout library inside the Alo Moves membership is that you’ll find far more than just yoga.

There are workouts in 4 different categories: fitness (strength, barre, Pilates, Hiit and more), Yoga, Mindfulness (meditation routines) and Skills Training (think learning how to do a headstand or the splits).

the workouts styles you'll find inside the Alo Moves streaming workout service

But they definitely shine in the yoga category of routines:

yoga workout styles in Alo Moves

I knew Alo would crush every yoga workout so during my review I was on a mission to discover if they could be trusted to bring me a good cardio and strength training routine, too.

I wasn’t disappointed.

During my review I focused on testing out workouts under the ‘Fitness’ category and tried strength training, core, Hiit and barre workouts and was completely satisfied by each workout.

The classes inside of Alo Moves feel like a private class between you and the instructor.

The music in Alo Moves is better than most streaming workouts (but not to the level of a service like Les Mills on Demand where the music is a huge part of the workout experience.)

There are 1000’s of workouts in the library across all categories (with new workouts added every week).

1000's of workouts to choose from in the library

Instructors in Alo Moves

There are a slew of instructors (male and female) to choose from when it comes time to pick your daily workout.

headshots of instructors inside Alo Moves

Over time you’ll fall in love with a few specific instructors and get excited every time they publish a new routine.

What equipment do you need for Alo Moves?

If you have a mat, exercise loop and light dumbbells (2-10 lbs.) you’ll have the equipment you need to do all of the workouts* inside Alo Moves.

*yoga block are optional for some of the yoga workouts

How long are the workouts in Alo Moves?

There are routines as quick as 10 minutes and as long as 90 minutes.

There’s a filter you can use to filter down the workout duration, instructor, style, difficulty and intensity.

the filters inside of the Alo Moves workout library

How much space do you need to do the workouts in Alo Moves?

While I haven’t tried all of the 1000’s of routines inside the library, I did test out several workouts from each category and was pleased to discover that these workouts do a great job of getting the job done in a small area.

You won’t need any extra space to do these workouts. If you can do a big lunge in all directions around you, then you’ve probably got enough space to do any of the routines.*

*That being said, I recommend you give yourself as much space as possible (for safety reasons) to do any home workout.

My favorite routines in Alo Moves…

My favorite routines in Alo Moves (at this time) are the barre workouts, and any of the yoga routines.

Who is Alo Moves for (men/women)? And what level exerciser?

Alo Moves is for any man or woman who loves yoga (or wants to do more of it). Yes, there are several other categories of workouts inside the library but if you never do yoga, I’d steer you to sign up for a different streaming workout service because you’ll miss out on the best part of this service.

There are workouts for every level of exerciser in this service–beginner to advanced. You can use the filter to choose the level that you’re looking for.*

*I loved the filters in this workout library. I’m more of an intermediate-level yoga exerciser and advanced in other categories, so the filters save me a lot of time when I pick out my routines.

How much does Alo Moves cost?

There’s a 14-day free trial period and then you’ll need to choose a monthly subscription or an annual subscription (where you’ll get a small savings).

The cost of Alo Moves (at the time I’m writing this review) is $20/month or $199/year.

the price of Alo Moves

How do you sign up?

You can sign up for the free trial inside the app or from your computer. (I recommend you use a computer so you don’t miss any details that are easily overlooked on a smaller screen).

You’ll be prompted to complete a survey before you sign up (or you can skip that and do it later).

Once you complete the sign up process you’ll need to download the Alo Moves app so you can access your workouts wherever you’re at.

Alo Moves app

You might notice in the app store that there are 2 Alo apps. The Alo Yoga app is for shopping in the Alo store and the Alo Moves app is the one you’ll use to access the workout library.

Be aware that if you want to cancel your membership you’ll need to sign in to your account through a web browser (not via the mobile settings > subscriptions options like you can for other app subscriptions on an iphone).

What’s the best thing about the Alo Moves subscription?

It’s impossible to pick just one thing that I love about this streaming workout service so I’ll tell you all the things I love about it.

The filters are amazing. You can really niche down to what you’re looking for with the filter system built in to the program (you’ll find the same filters in the app, too).

I love that there are a ton of workouts in this library to choose from that require virtually zero equipment. That’s refreshing.

And a third thing I really appreciate about the Alo Moves service is that the workouts don’t take up much space. They’re the ideal routines to take on vacation or when the family is using my workout space in the den and I have to workout in my bedroom.

What would make it even better?

The only feature that would make this program better is to add the workout duration to the video thumbnail in the mobile app (the same way you can see it on desktop).

Alo Moves thumbnail from desktop
Alo Moves workout thumbnails show the duration on desktop view
Alo Moves app screenshot
The Alo Moves app doesn’t show the workout duration on the thumbnails

To read the details of each routine inside the app (including the duration) you’ll need to click through to the workout.


You can now change the view on mobile so that you can see the length of the workouts on the thumbnails. Yay! All you need to do is click the icon in the corner of the screen to change the view.

Is Alo Moves worth the money? What’s my recommendation?

The Alo Moves streaming workout service is well worth $20/month.

The workouts are challenging, the instructors are professional, there’s a huge library of routines to choose from and the app is easy to use.

If you workout at home it’s a huge missed opportunity if you’re not already using a paid exercise on demand service of some kind to keep variety in your workout calendar and services like Alo Moves make it easy to understand why.

Whether you already love yoga, are looking to add more of it to your home workout plan, or are new to yoga this service will be for you. Sign up for the free trial today and see what you think.

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  1. So glad I read ur review.. had several questions u answered!! πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ

  2. Shaz says:

    Just came across your website and wanted to say thank you!! It is SO helpful! I’ve been an avid home exerciser for years. Generally I do my cardio on my home cross trainer, and then follow with a 10-15 minute strength routine, normally pilates style or Tracy Anderson, or just a youtube one like Chloe Ting or Blogilates. Anywayyyy, had my cross trainer break a while ago and while I was waiting for a replacement I got into videos a lot more and have since discovered I really like them! I still use my cross trainer as my main form of cardio as I don’t like jumpy high impact style workouts. Anyway, have recently started some yoga ones too as used to do yoga classes 10 years ago. Then ALO popped up in my feed and I’ve taken a look and must say it looks really good! Your review has been super useful, I think the push i need to sign up. I think it’s more suited to me given the pilates and barre stuff plus the yoga and meditation which I’d quite like to explore too. I read your review of the Tracy Anderson online studio as I had looked at hers as well, but so good to see a behind the scenes view as I don’t think it would be quite fitting for me, the value for money just doesn’t seem there. Couple other questions I have that couldn’t seem to search for on your site:
    1: What online streaming service would you recommend for short 10 minutes workouts? I use YouTube primarily at the moment but if often takes time to try and find reliable ones!
    2: What streaming service offers the best for pre and post natal?

    Thanks so much! πŸ™‚

    • Alo Moves is incredible and sounds ideal for you. They’re one of the very best that I’ve found for Pilates and Barre workouts. Very challenging! And then of course they have the yoga and meditation stuff as well. Tracy Anderson is worth it for the right person. I really wish they’d lower the price because I want to keep my membership going all the time but can’t justify it because I don’t do her workouts often enough. Short workouts…that’s a great question. You Tube is tricky because (like you noted) there’s a lot of junk on there. BUT there’s also a lot of good stuff. Have you tried searching ‘hiit interval workouts’ on You Tube? I love the PopSugar Fitness You Tube channel so that might be a good place to look as well. Have you downloaded the FitOn app? The free version is really good and they have a section of short HiiT workouts. One more option is to download an interval time app and then download a written HiiT routine from Pinterest. As far as pre and post natal options…I think Beachbody on Demand has workout program for that. And Alo Moves has a prenatal option on their filters so they must have a few workouts for that (I haven’t tried them). Les Mills on Demand has a section of post pregnancy workouts (as well as a section of short workouts around 15 minutes). I hope that helps! Thank you for being a part of One Strong Southern Girl!πŸ’•

    • Jen says:

      I just signed up for Alo Moves myself, looking forward to it. But I wanted to give a tip for YouTube, Pamela Reif has a lot of shorter workouts and are pretty good. She tends to focus on specific areas but also have some general full body. She’s one of my favorites, although I’ll check on Blogilates as I’ve never heard of it.

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