Your Quick Guide to the Top Fitness Blogs for Women Right Now

November 1, 2019

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Have you ever needed a big dose of fitness inspiration to get you laser-focused on your exercise and health?

Of course you have!

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling the exercise mojo pumping through me (my brain was fixated on Oreos all day…wth?) so I went to a few of my favorite women’s fitness bloggers for some exercise education, inspiration and motivation.

I’ve discovered these blogs over time and thought I’d share them with you because a few of them are off the beaten path (not on page 1 of Master Google) so don’t always get the attention they deserve.

So, check out my list and add/follow/share/bookmark a few of them so you’ll get a regular helping of exercise motivation in your life.

*I decided to put the list in alphabetical order because it was the easiest way to do it.

two women standing together with their hands in the air

Your Simple Guide to the Top Fitness Blogs for Women Right Now

The Beachbody on Demand blog

The Beachbody on Demand blog

The Beachbody on Demand  gurus recently updated the entire BOD site and blog to look more modern.

I like the change.

You’ll still need to wade through the Shakeology ads but there are some good fitness articles on this blog.

The BOD blog articles aren’t exclusively for women but cover every health and fitness topic you can think of and the posts are well-written and easy to read.

Recommended post from the Beachbody blog:

Weightlifting Makes You Bulky, and 5 Other Myths You Should Ignore


Blogilates blog

Blogilates is a women’s fitness blog by the adorable and energetic Cassey Ho, an award-winning fitness instructor and influencer based out of Los Angeles.

She has the #1 female fitness channel on You Tube with over 500 million views and 4 million subscribers.

She’s got millions of followers on every social channel but I actually love her on Instagram.  She’s fun and down-to-earth.

She frequently pens posts about body image and confidence as well as videos like this one:

She’s earned celebrity status but has stayed genuine which is what I love about her.

Recommended post from the Blogilates blog:

Whether You’re Too Fat or Too Fit, Seems Like You Can’t Win

The Cathe Friedrich blog

the Cathe Friedrich blog

If you’ve visited my blog a few times then you know I love Cathe Friedrich.

I’ve been doing Cathe Friedrich home workouts for a long time and she’s hands-down my favorite individual instructor for advanced workouts for women.

Cathe isn’t like any other female instructor.  She’s not a girly girl showering you with love and hearts during your workout.

Cathe is who you go to when you’re looking for your inner beast mode.  She’ll bring out the warrior in any woman and you’ll feel like a rockstar after every Cathe Friedrich workout.

Her blog focuses on women’s health and fitness topics and are thorough and educational.  Personally, I’m impressed with the fact that she writes every blog post herself.  She’s a badass.

Recommended reading from Cathe Friedrich’s blog:

Can Consuming Protein After a Workout Help You Build More Muscle?

Love Sweat Fitness blog

the Love Sweat Fitness blog

The Love Sweat Fitness blog has a very feminine and cool vibe with tons of women’s health and fitness posts.

The blog is run by the beautiful Katie Dunlop, a certified fitness instructor out of Los Angeles, who began her fitness journey after finding herself 45 lbs. overweight when she finished college.

She’s done a great job with her ‘About Me’ page, which tells her story and lays out what her blog is all about.

Like Blogilates, Love Sweat Fitness has a big following on You Tube, with over 300K subscribers, and features workouts like this:

Katie’s focus is more on her social following but her blog posts are still good and worth reading.

Recommended reading from the Love Sweat Fitness blog:

Working Out When It’s Hot Outside

One Strong Southern Girl blog

If this is your first visit to the One Strong Southern Girl blog then, WELCOME!  I hope you’ll become a regular visitor.

My blog is all about simplifying your fitness routine by helping you sort through all the exercise stuff (for women) in this world.

Like my home page says, I help take the guesswork out of home exercise for women. I try out, try on, attempt, assess, analyze, investigate, taste, touch, put to the test, question, validate and examine fitness stuff and then share every last detail so I can help you find all the exercise things that will challenge and change you!

My posts cover a variety of health and fitness topics but my focus is on women’s fitness and helping you simplify your fitness routine amongst the backdrop of a crazy complicated every-day life that we all have.

As a former personal trainer and (current) licensed and certified medical professional I write thorough and honest articles to try and motivate and help all women wherever they are in their fitness journey.

It’s really hard to recommend just one article but here are 2 that have received a lot of love:

6 Important Reasons Women Need a Home Workout Plan (even if you go to the gym)

Program Stacking–The Simple Way to Get Fast Results in Your Home Workouts

6 Steps to Getting Started with Home Exercise

Popsugar Fitness blog

the Popsugar Fitness blog

Most likely you’re familiar with the PopSugar brand because they crank out a ton of articles on just about everything for women.

The PopSugar Fitness side of the company is where I find myself regularly when I want a quick and easy bit of exercise motivation.

The articles are short but packed full of just the right amount of information so that you walk away feeling like you’ve learned something.

They specialize in exercise tips and also have a ton of posts that reference diet.

The PopSugar website is a little bit busy but not difficult to navigate and they publish new articles every day so you’re bound to find something that interests you.

Recommended reading from the Popsugar Fitness blog:

13 of the Best Fat-Burning Foods You Can Eat to Tone Up and Feel Great

Shape Magazine blog

the Shape magazine blog

You’ve all heard of Shape magazine before so you know they’re a reliable name for all things women’s health and fitness.

The blog is pretty boring and you’ll need to wade through some ads but there are a lot of great articles on the site for women’s exercise and health motivation and education.

Recommended reading from the Shape magazine blog:

The Best Inner-Thigh Exercises of All Time

Thanks for reading!

In case no one told you today:

You’re completely awesome!

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  1. Stella says:

    Amazing post. I have been looking for a good blog for women about fitness. Thanks for sharing!

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