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A Review of Insanity Max:30 Friday Fight Round 2

September 7, 2016

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Friday Fight Round 2 is the hardest workout I’ve ever created”

–Shaun T

Don’t let Shaun T scare you out of this routine.  It’s one of my favorites.

Remember Friday Fight Round 2 is one of the 10 workouts in the Insanity Max:30 program:

There are a few things about Friday Fight Round 2 that you’ll want to know before you hit play.

Let me explain exactly what you’re going to see in Friday Fight Round 2…

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a scene from the Friday Fight Round 2 workout with Shaun T encouraging another exerciser

Instructor-Shaun T



Length-32 minutes

HRM-309 calories


My rating- A

The Important Stuff about Friday Fight Round 2

Friday Fight Round 1 and 2 (this one) are my 2 favorite workouts in the Insanity Max:30 series.

The only time you repeat any exercises is during the warm-up.  You won’t get bored, I promise.

The first break of any kind is at the 15 minute mark.  That will feel like eons into this program.  Keep a water right next to you because you’ll want a sip way before the first water break.

The second water break comes at the 25 minute mark.

You’ll be in a full out flop sweat during this routine.  Every pore in your body will be dilated.  Try not to snot on anyone.

Shaun T’s shirt comes off at 26 minutes.  Stick around for that.  It’s always worth it.

Read to the end for links to a few places you can compare prices for this video 🙂


You’ll do the moves for 30 seconds each during the warm-up section and then repeat them one time.  Here are the exercises:

Med Ball Twist


This is when I usually notice Shuan T’s shoes.  They are so yellow!

Mountain Climbers

Hit the Floor

We all recognize this one from classic Insanity

Plank Walk (one rep side to side)

Now you’ll repeat those 5 exercises one more time but a little bit faster (of course).

Main Workout (The Exercises in Friday Fight Round 2)

At the 5 minute mark, with no break, you immediately start the main workout.  Get ready to sweat.  This is your only workout today so Go For It.

You’ll do each exercise for about 1 minute.

Iron Legs

This exercise is in more than one of the Insanity Max:30 workouts so you may be familiar with it.  There are 2 dynamic alternating lunges followed by a squat with a vertical jump.  When you jump you’ll be crossing your feet like a ballerina.  Have fun.  I guess it’s called Iron Legs because your quads will feel pumped up like iron after about 3 reps.

Floor Hops

Try to go for the whole minute.  You’ll have to slow down but don’t quit.

Scissor X

The scissoring portion of this exercise is a cake walk.  The X-jump is where it counts.  Try to go fast for the entire 60 seconds.

Plank Jack-Front Raise

You’ll be raising your arm when your legs open into the jack.  Don’t get crazy or your arm will collapse you into a sweaty mess.

Plyo Hook Lunge

Aaah…this one is kind of a break.  Make the lunge deep and enjoy the (kinda) break.

You’re ten minutes into this workout.  Go you!

Hit the Floor-Tuck Jump

Now you know why you got that baby break with the Plyo Hook Lunge.  You needed it to have any chance of doing this one.  The tuck jumps are so hard.

Free Runner-Right/Left

You’ve seen this one before but you’ll do a vertical jump and split your legs with the right leg leading.  You’ll switch to the left leg lead after about 45 seconds.

Power Jump Dive

This time you’ll do a wide tuck jump and then fall (dive) down into a tricep push-up.

Ski Down Abs

You will be so freaking happy to put your ass on the floor at this point.  It’s the little things, ain’t it?  Don’t forget that you’re still supposed to be exercising.  Keep your heels up.

Alternating Lat Push-Ups

Go at your own pace but keep moving.  You can do it.


Don’t get too excited.  You only have about 30 seconds to gulp down some liquid.

Low/High Switch Kicks

Shaun T will prompt you what to do.  You’ll be alternating between low and high kicks.

Slap Back Jump

In some of the Max:30 workouts you do slap back jumps up and back.  This time you’ll be jumping vertically in the same spot.  It doesn’t make it any easier.

Plank Jack Tap

Tap the shoulder when your feet open into the jack.  When you need a break go back into downward dog instead of flopping onto the floor.

Jab-Speed Bag-Right/Left

You’ll be doing 4 vertical jumps with a punch and then 4 alternating split lunges.  You switch lead legs halfway.  This one is fun.

Plank to Squat

This exercise is exactly what it says.  Bring your chest up every time you squat.  Shaun T tells you to ‘look me in the face’ when you squat.

You’ll get some close-up words of encouragement from him at this point in the program.  His enthusiasm is contagious.  No one wants to disappoint Shaun T!  Dig. Deeper.

Lunge Punch Kick Left/Right

I love the girl in the purple headband (I forget her name).  She’s a complete badass.  Try to keep up with her.  You switch lead legs halfway through the set.

Genie Tuck Jumps

This is easily the hardest exercise in Friday Fight Round 2.

At 22 minutes into this advanced workout it’s REALLY hard to jump like this.  Set a goal and try to do that many reps before the interval ends.  My goal is 10.  Anything more than that makes me a badass.

Shaun T goes over to Shannon and uses her as our example for this interval—kudos to her for not actually crying (because she looks like she wants to).

Wide Burpee Jump

After the genie tuck jumps these burpees feel like a break.

X Abs

You get to lie on your back for X abs.  I can’t keep my head up for this entire interval.  My neck cramps up.  Do as many as you can as fast as you can.

Tricep Push-Up Jacks

Push-ups at this point are really asking a lot. Make sure you’re not just making excuses, though.  Push yourself to keep going.


You have 4 minutes left.  You got this!

10 & 2 Punch

This is when Shaun T’s shirt comes off.  It’s all good.  Throw off your shirt, too, if it’ll help you survive the last 4 minutes.  I’m always too tired to peel my shirt off.

8 Jabs/2 Diamond Jumps

This is the second hardest exercise after those genie jumps.  You’ll remember these from classic Insanity.

Alternating Burpee Punches

This is a one-arm burpee.  Don’t get too crazy on this exercise because your arm might decide to give away.

You’ll be punching the arm that’s up.  Forget about the punching if you have nothing left in your tank.

High Knee Jabs

Keep your knees high while you jog in place and punch.  This is your last exercise.  You’re incredible!

Cool Down/Stretch

Keep the video running for the 2 minute stretch and cool down.  You need it.

Now What?

Insanity Max:30 Friday Fight Round 2 is an incredible workout.  In just 30 minutes you’ve accomplished more than most people will do all week (I made that up but if feels that way, right?)

You should be so proud of yourself for completing this workout.

You can buy Insanity Max:30 by Beachbody to get access to this routine or find it in a membership to Beachbody on Demand.

PRO TIP>>Read more about Beachbody on Demand.

Thanks for reading!


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