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December 26, 2016

should you set up your home gym in your garage? here's what you need to know

should you buy a peloton? here's how to decide

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8 Things You Should Know About Insanity Max:30

8 Things You Need to Know about Insanity Max:30

Read 8 Things You Should Know About Insanity Max:30 to find out why you should invest in Insanity Max:30 if you’re serious about getting in shape.

I share how many calories I burn with each of the 9 main routines as well as exactly what equipment you’ll need.

I also tell you where you can find Insanity Max:30 (besides Beachbody).

What No One Tells Women About Running & 10 Training Secrets Guaranteed To Help You Feel Like a Runner

a girl looking out over the ocean holding a white mug

If you’re thinking about taking up running then you need to read this one.

I’ll tell you all the things I’ve discovered about being a runner and why it’s so much harder to conquer a long run than people think.

I’ll also share tips I’ve discovered along the way that could make your training that much easier.

All the Facts About Core De Force

a detailed review of Core De Force

If you’re still trying to decide if you should invest in Core De Force then read All the Facts About Core De Force where I answer each of these questions for you:

What is Core De Force?

Who is this Workout Ideal For?

What do I love about Core De Force?

What irritates me about Core De Force?

How many calories does someone actually burn in Core De Force?

Is Core De Force worth the money?

Beachbody on Demand–5 Reasons to Give it a Try

5 Reasons to Try Beachbody on Demand

We’ve all heard about it.  But we all have questions.

I signed up for Beachbody on Demand over 2 years ago.

I’ll tell you everything you need to know BEFORE you get started in Beachbody on Demand–5 Reasons to Give it a Try.

A Woman’s Guide to Buying Dumbbells

A Woman's Guide to Buying Dumbbells

If you work out at home then you need good equipment.  Don’t make the same mistakes I did when I bought my first few dumbbells.

I’ll tell you how to find the perfect set (and what sizes to start with) of dumbbells that look good and last forever in A Woman’s Guide to Buying Dumbbells.

Tough Mudder FAQs (Part One and Two)

Tough Mudder FAQ's

I’ve completed two Tough Mudders (so far).  There are things you need to know BEFORE you get there.  Trust me on this.  I’ll help you get ready in these two posts:

Tough Mudder FAQ’s Part One

Tough Mudder FAQ’s Part Two

The Best Subscription Boxes for Workout Clothes

a girl doing a standing yoga pose outside by the ocean

Looking for a way to beef up your workout apparel, but hate going to try on tights and sports bras?

Have fitness apparel delivered to your door every month with a membership to an athletic clothes subscription box program (and try on everything without ever leaving your house).

I belong to several.  I’ll help you pick the best one for you in this post, The Top Fitness Apparel Subscription Programs–Your Ultimate Guide.

The Day I Met a Dorito–A Love Story

a post about taking charge of your health

And if you’re looking for a light-hearted post that explains why I’m a little strange then check out, The Day I Met a Dorito–A Love Story.


Max:30 Tabata Strength–Another Incredible Max:30 Workout

a review of Insanity Max:30 Tabata Strength

Insanity Max:30 is not just cardio.

Read Insanity Max:30 Tabata Strength–Another Incredible Max:30 Workout, to find out exactly what exercises make up Max:30 Tabata Strength before you hit play.

Three tips about Tabata Strength:  

You’ll be doing intense moves for 20 seconds followed by a 10 second break.

There’s only one official water break.

Get ready to do a crap-ton of push-ups.

Insanity Insane Abs–30 Minutes to Picture-Perfect Abs

a review of Insanity Insane abs

Insanity Insane Abs is 30 minutes of intense core sculpting fun.

I burn over 200 calories in this ab workout.

Shaun T utilizes standing, floor, and plank work to completely exhaust your core.

Read Insanity Insane Abs–30 Minutes to Picture-Perfect Abs to get a breakdown of the entire routine in this popular post.

P90X3 Incinerator–Upper Body Burnout in About 30 Minutes

a P90X3 review of Incinerator

P90X3 Incinerator is a routine of paired exercises.

You do one exercise with a dumbbell/band and then follow that with an exercise that focuses on the same muscle group but uses your own body weight for resistance.

The exercises in this one are done slow and controlled.

Make the most of this routine by focusing on your form.

Read P90X3 Incinerator–Upper Body Burnout in About 30 Minutes to find out exactly what equipment you’ll need and what exercises you’ll be doing.

Feel Like a Badass with Core De Force, MMA Plyo

Jericho McMatthews doing a roundhouse kick

This post covers my favorite workout in the Core De Force family of routines.

MMA Plyo has the most complex combinations but is also the most fun.

Find out why I love it by reading Feel Like a Badass with Core De Force, MMA Plyo.

Burn a Ton of Calories with Crossfire

Cathe Friedrich's Crossfire

If you aren’t familiar with Cathe Friedrich then Crossfire is a good place to start.

This post is your ultimate guide to every move in Crossfire.

Cathe Friedrich is advanced.

Her workouts aren’t for the beginner but anyone can work up to them.

*You can read more about other Cathe Friedrich workouts.

Piyo Drench Might Surprise You

Chalene Johnson doing the Piyo workout

The Piyo program uses a combination of yoga and pilates moves and is lead by Chalene Johnson (famous for TurboJam and TurboFire).

My post about the 48 minute routine, Piyo Drench, gets a lot of traffic.

All you’ll need is a mat to master this routine.

Read more in Piyo Drench Might Surprise You.

Body Beast-Total Body-Girls, Get Sculpted & Sexy with Sagi

a review of the Body Beast Total Body workout from Beachbody

Most women don’t think about adding Body Beast to their workout video library, but they should consider it.

I’ll take you through my favorite Body Beast routine and show you how I make it my own in this post that gets a lot of attention, Body Beast-Total Body.

Thanks for reading!


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