My Review of MOSSA on Demand & What Makes MOSSA Different (and better than other workout libraries)

January 17, 2022

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Updated January 2022

My specialty here at One Strong Southern Girl is bringing you in-depth, genuine reviews of the top home workout programs, products and services on the market right now. The list of companies creating on-demand workout libraries grows every month but there are a few that stand out above the crowd–MOSSA on Demand is one of them.

I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Cathy Spencer-Browning, a fitness icon and the VP of Training & Programming at MOSSA on demand, on the podcast TWICE where she breaks down how MOSSA on demand is different from other streaming workout services and shares the latest upgrades/updates to the MOSSA on-demand membership.

You can listen to each of those interviews below or keep reading to find out more about MOSSA on-demand, a workout library of science-based, fun routines you can do from home.


Listen to my first podcast interview with Cathy Spencer-Browning right here:

Listen to Part II of MOSSA on Demand! This was my second interview with Cathy Spencer-Browning where she shares the latest updates inside your MOSSA on-demand workout library:

Who (and what) is MOSSA?

I couldn’t possibly explain it better than MOSSA themselves:

MOSSA has a long history of inspiring millions of people to MOVE. Through the years, our business has touched every part of the fitness industry. This company has its roots in successful health club ownership during the 1970s and 80s, and we were the originators of the step fitness craze in the 90s. Today we are the leading developer of professional group fitness programs for health clubs and fitness centers.

Spearheaded by Cathy Spencer-Browning, VP of Programming and Training, MOSSA has the most comprehensive and thorough Program Development process in the fitness industry. Over 300 hours are poured into each and every workout to ensure participants’ enjoyment and success.

And if you have a few minutes, this video does a great job of introducing you to the MOSSA company and mission:

What does MOSSA stand for?

The word ‘mossa’ was inspired by an Italian word that means to move and excite.

“Movement health is about feeling good in your body. We know that 20% of people find it easy to exercise while 80% of people find it incredibly difficult. We do everything we can to make those steps a little bit easier for people to get into a regular exercise routine.”

Cathy spencer-browning

What makes MOSSA on Demand different than other online streaming workout libraries like the ones by Beachbody or Daily Burn?

There are several things that make MOSSA unique but let me start with their mission (as stated on their website):

MOSSA’s goal is simple: to get more people moving. We accomplish this goal by partnering with top-quality health and fitness facilities, as well as international distributors around the world. Everything we do at MOSSA is grounded in our never-ending commitment to create the best group fitness programs and home workouts.

We believe that a great experience with an engaging instructor and an amazing soundtrack can help people find a certain level of fun in fitness. Through innovative programming and an inclusive mindset, we want to encourage more people to take care of themselves, by taking more time to move. We believe movement is medicine. It can reduce stress, relieve anxiety, improve cognitive function, boost your immune system, release feel-good endorphins, and ultimately, prepare you to move younger, longer. 

I’m obsessed with their simple mission of helping make regular movement a simple part of your life.

Boom! So good.

Something else that makes MOSSA on demand different than other streaming workout services is the M4 Programming Method they use to create each workout.

The proprietary M4 Method is based on 4 principles–movement, music, motivation and metrics

You can really appreciate how much work is put into each routine inside the MOSSA library. The music is incredible and packaged with a perfect blend of movement and fun based on the goal of the class.

I was so impressed when Cathy shared how over 300 hours goes into each workout release.

Each routine is vetted for effectiveness, safety and fun before being released to their users and it’s obvious once you try the workouts that each one has been polished to perfection.*

*I encourage you to listen to our podcast interview with Cathy Spencer-Browning, VP of Training and Programming and MOSSA on demand. She does a phenomenal job of sharing every last detail about the MOSSA philosophy and her genuine passion for what the company stands for is obvious (and contagious). Not only was she a real joy to talk to she filled in all the questions I had about the on demand service.

One more thing that’s unique to the MOSSA program of workouts is their emphasis on group workouts.

Every workout is recorded in a group setting with a class of exercisers doing the routines. It keeps the energy high and recreates the experience you get during any class workout at a gym.

The instructors (presenters)

The team of instructors who teach the MOSSA classes are a mix of personal trainers, exercise scientists and fitness professionals ranging in age from their 20’s to their 60’s.

I love that they offer a huge range of different types of instructors with different personalities.

Most classes are lead by a team of instructors who take turns guiding you through each phase of the workout so if you don’t like one instructor it’s ok, you’ll get a taste of several different ones in each class.

The workout library

There are 11 different kinds of workout styles (programs) to choose from in the MOSSA on demand library that range from 10-60 minutes long.

There are very short ‘trailer’ videos that accompany each new release of workouts where you’ll get a peek into the new routines.

  • 3D30 classes are 30-minutes long and are loaded movement training
  • Group Active routines are 60-minutes long and have a little bit of everything–cardio, strength, balance and flexibility training
  • Group Blast classes are 60-minutes long and are cardio-focused training classes using an aerobic step
  • Group Centergy routines are 60-minute mind-body workouts using the fundamentals of yoga and Pilates to work on strength, balance, mobility and flexibility
  • Group Core classes are 30-minute classes aimed at helping you build a stronger core (from your shoulders to your hips)
  • Group Fight classes are 60-minute MMA-inspired cardio classes that build cardio fitness as well as total-body strength and coordination
  • Group Groove routines are 60-minute dance fitness workouts with a mix of club, hip-hop and Latin dance styles fused together into one fun workout
  • Group Power classes are 60-minutes of strength training designed to help you get ‘muscle strong and movement strong’
  • Group Ride classes are 60-minute cycling routines
  • Move 30 are 30-minute classes to help you improve your range of motion and movement health
  • R30 classes are 30-minute cycling workouts that will improve your cardio fitness and muscular endurance

New workouts in each category are added every quarter.

At least one of the instructors shows you how to modify the routine during each workout so you can easily make the workout harder or less intense depending on your needs.

My favorite workouts so far have been in Group Active and Group Blast.

There are good filters in the MOSSA on demand app to help you find the perfect workout for your day.

You can download the workouts!

This is a great feature for anyone who doesn’t have the ability to stream video at home. You can download a workout to your device while you’re at work and then go home and play it without needing a strong internet connection or cell signal.


There’s a new category inside of the MOSSA on-demand library called ‘NIMBL Percussion Therapy’.

These are guided routines that show you exactly how to use the NIMBL percussion tool (or whatever percussive tool you have) to get ready for your next workout or recover from your last one.

Equipment you’ll need for MOSSA

Cathy pointed out that one of the goals of MOSSA is to keep your equipment needs minimal while still giving you a lot of variety in workout styles.

The only equipment used in the workouts are a mat, barbell, dumbbells, an aerobic step and a unique weighted tube they’ve developed called a ViPR (it’s used in the 3D 30 classes).

And if you plan to do any of the cycle classes you’ll need a stationery bike.

MOSSA has an online store so you can easily stock up on the same equipment you see used in their workouts.

However, you can also use the barbell, dumbbell and full-sized aerobic step you may already own to do the routines. I used all of my own equipment to do the workouts (with the exception of the 3D30 class, where I used the cool ViPR Pro tool, which is worth the investment).

And (good news) there are several workout programs you can do if you don’t have any equipment.

Is there a nutrition plan included in the MOSSA membership?


How much space will you need to do the MOSSA workouts?

You’ll need to give yourself enough space to move and fully extend your body around a gym-sized aerobic step in the routines that use one.

And the dance workouts are easier to do with as much space as possible.

The other workouts require the same amount of space as most home workouts.

Are the workouts hard? For men or women? Is there choreography to learn?

There are workouts in the MOSSA on demand library for every level exerciser from beginner to advanced.

There are male and female instructors in the MOSSA routines.

Even though the routines are perfectly choreographed with sets of moves that go with the music, the combinations are very simple and won’t trip up most people (even if you consider yourself less coordinated than the average person).*

*This is a really nice feature of the workouts, in my opinion. I often hear women tell me that they get frustrated with the choreography in a lot of the workouts on the market. The MOSSA routines have just enough steps to be fun and interesting but never frustrating.

The exception to this is with the dance workouts in the Group Groove program. I think the step combinations in the Groove workouts are more challenging than what I’d call ‘basic’ or ‘beginner’. However, it’s what makes them fun. Just be prepared to miss a few steps the first time you try a new Groove routine.

How much does MOSSA on demand cost?

As of the day I’m writing this review, MOSSA on demand has a 14-day free trial period and is $9.99/month after that.

Best things about MOSSA on demand?

The instructors, group fitness setting and the variety of pro workouts in their membership.

I love that there’s a category of 60-minute combo workouts where they’ve already blended 2 programs together for you into the perfect workout sandwich!

My NEW favorite thing about MOSSA on demand is the calendar featured that was added in 2022!

Here’s what you need to know about this awesome feature (directly from the press release):

The On Demand Calendar is MOSSA’s latest innovation that makes incorporating movement into daily life easier.

Users can set up their own calendar in three easy steps:

  1. Pick a persona – select the workout style that best describes you
  2. Mark your calendar – choose three, four or five days per week to dedicate to a MOSSA On Demand program
  3. Make your move – download your calendar, press play and start moving

The calendar guides the user to specific programs on each workout day, equaling less guesswork and more accountability.

There are five different personas to choose from that determine the workouts that will populate each user’s calendar:

  • Cardio is King – for those who love heart-pounding, cardio-focused workouts
  • Can you give me a lift? – best for building muscle and feeling strong
  • Movement is Medicine – for anyone looking to become more active and incorporate more movement into their life
  • Variability is the Spice of Life – for exercisers who like to mix things up and keep workouts varied
  • No Equipment, No Problem – ideal for anyone on the road often or who doesn’t have all the equipment or space necessary for a home gym

What would make it even better?

I’d love to see an option to do Live workouts with MOSSA.*

*Good news! Live workouts are coming soon!

I didn’t see an FAQ section for the on-demand membership.

It might be an oversight on my part but I couldn’t find it. I usually browse it before I sign up for an on-demand membership. Also, I like to know if it’s a resource I can tap in to before I reach out to customer support if I have any questions.


There is NOW a fully fleshed out FAQ section for MOSSA on-demand!

Click here to browse the MOSSA-on-Demand FAQ’s

My recommendation

Sign up for the free trial period and give MOSSA on demand a try!

Fourteen days is plenty of time to try out enough of the routines and poke around in the on-demand library to see if it’s ideal for you.

MOSSA has generously shared a coupon code for the One Strong Southern Girl audience to sign up for MOSSA on demand and get an extra 30-day free trial of the service!

To use the code:

Sign up for MOSSA on demand USING A WEB BROWSER (not the app)
Use code: OSSG for an additional 30-day free trial period

*The coupon code above will apply a $9.99 (US) credit to your first month allowing you to access all of the workouts on MOSSA On Demand free for 30 days. Combined with a 14 day free trial, you’ll receive 44 days for free. Coupons can only be applied to the Monthly Subscription and do not work through the app store. To use the coupon, you must use a web browser to create or access your MOSSA On Demand account. Then you can download the apps for iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, or Roku and log in to your account.

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