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A Review of Low Impact HiiT Two with Cathe Friedrich (a killer workout with NO push-ups)

September 28, 2022

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Low Impact HiiT (high-intensity interval training) Two is from Cathe Friedrich’s Ripped HiiT Series.

The Low Impact HiiT program has two main workouts, One and Two.  I think One is the harder of the 2 main routines.  This post is a review of HiiT Two.

Here’s a peek at this routine:

Don’t put in Low Impact HiiT Two if you’re feeling mentally exhausted or uncoordinated today.  You have to be able to focus to get the most out of this routine.

Almost every exercise in Low Impact HiiT Two is a compound move (more than one body part doing stuff at the same time) with a weight. (That’s why you’ll be able to burn so many calories in less than 30 minutes.)  Make sure you’re flexing and lifting all the right pieces at the right times. 

Commit to perfect form so you don’t hurt yourself.  Remember it’s more important to do everything the right way than to do it fast.  

Guess what?  There are no push-ups in this program! 

Cathe Friedrich loves push-ups.  It’s nice to get a break from them every now and then.

Let me explain what equipment you need and what you’re going to be doing in Low Impact HiiT Two…

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Instructor-Cathe Friedrich



Cathe uses one 8 lb. dumbbell and one 10 lb. dumbbell

TIPSIf you’ve never picked up a 10 lb. dumbbell in your life then get two lighter dumbbells to do this workout.  And if you’re still trying to figure out the whole dumbbell thing I suggest you read, A Woman’s Guide to Buying Dumbbells.

 Length-29 minutes

HRM-245 calories


My rating- A

My Favorite Premix Routine=Premix #2 Extreme: Low Impact Hiit Two and One Combined

Important Stuff about Low Impact HiiT Two

Low Impact HiiT Two also has 7 premix workouts:

  • Premix #1 Extreme: Low Impact HiiT Two-Double It (51 minutes)
  • #2 Extreme: Low Impact HiiT Two and One Combined (48 minutes)
  • #3 First Half of Low Impact HiiT Two and First Half of One (27 minutes)
  • #4 Last Half of Low Impact HiiT Two and Last Half of One (30 minutes)
  • #5 Low Impact HiiT Two + Bonus Abs One (36 minutes)
  • #6 Low Impact HiiT Two + Bonus Abs Two (39 minutes)
  • #7 Scrambled Mix Two (27 minutes)

The exercises in this routine are done very fast (although not as fast as in Low Impact HiiT One) so try to keep up and get in all the reps.

The program is short. Your heart rate will be elevated the entire time and you’ll burn a ton of calories.

You’ll be doing a lot of exercises while holding a weight.  Be careful.  If you’re lazy and don’t keep your core solid then you could hurt yourself.  Form is important—pay attention to it.

There are 15 drills in Low Impact HiiT Two.  You repeat each of them once (switching the lead leg).

The break between drills is very short.  Have your water close.

Remember to read to the end of this post for helpful tips on every section in this workout as well as links to a few places you can compare prices on this video 🙂


This section is about four minutes long.  It’s all low-impact but you’ll get your muscles warm and your heart rate going.

Main Workout (The Exercises in Low Impact HiiT Two)


You won’t need any equipment yet.

Side to side apple pickers is the first drill.  Really try to dig your arms in.

Remember there are 2 sets.

There are 24 reps in each set.


Grab your 8 lb. dumbbell for squats with alternating knee lifts.

There are 16 reps in each set


You can put away your dumbbell.

Drill three is 24 mountain climbers.

You’ll be in the plank position and climbing your legs really fast.  Keep up with Cathe.  The reps are faster than the beat of the music.

Remember there are 2 sets.


Get your 10 lb. dumbbell for drill four.  You’ll be doing rapid tiny squats in pulses of 2 with an alternating leg abduction after every 2nd pulse.  (I realize that may sound like gibberish but once you see it you’ll be like, OOOHHH Ok.)

There are two sets of 10 reps


Keep your 10 lb. dumbbell for alternating explosive side lunges.

I suggest you don’t go too deep in the lunge unless you adjust your pace to slower than Cathe’s.  This exercise is a good example where your form has to be perfect and your core tight or you’ll hurt your back.

There are 16 reps in each set


Drill six is a side to side sumo squat with your 10 lb. dumbbell.

Cathe says there are 16 reps but I count 24 reps in set one and 18 reps in set two.

The tempo here may be too fast for you.  If you need to modify to keep up then don’t go as deep in the squat or do them at a safe tempo for you (slower), and finish after the team.


Squat kick right leg/squat lunge left leg is drill seven.  You’ll be holding your 10 lb. dumbbell.  This doesn’t take as much coordination as you might think.  Just kick and lunge with opposite legs.

There are 8 pairs in each set

The lunges and squats aren’t very deep but the tempo is fast.


Get your lighter weight (8 lb.) for side lunge wood chops.

There are 20 reps per side

This is one of the easier drills.


Corner to corner diagonal lunges holding your 8 lb. dumbbell

You alternate legs on the lunge as you switch hands with the weight.  Again, it’s not as complicated as it looks at first.  The hardest part is keeping up with the team.

There are 10 pairs of lunges per side

TIP-Speaking from experience, don’t try to keep up with Cathe the first time you do this exercise or you’ll pull a groin muscle.


The next drill is a traveling bob and weave with the 8 lb. dumbbell.

This exercise is another easier one.  Keep your core solid.  Don’t be lazy swinging the weight.


You won’t need a weight for this drill.

Drill eleven is a running burpee

You’re supposed to kind of gallop your feet when you go back into the burpee.  This version is actually harder (to me) than the traditional burpee where you shoot your feet out at the same time. (Maybe that’s the point?  I don’t know.)

There are 2 sets of 10 reps


Marching sumos with your 10 lb. dumbbell

There are 16 pairs in each set


You won’t need any equipment for the rest of the workout.

Three rope climbs with an elbow strike

There are 8 in each set


Cross-under kicks in plank

This has to be the most frustrating exercise I’ve ever done.  I’ve never figured out how to do this fast and not kick my own shin or catch my toe on the floor.  It’s SO irritating.

If you figure out the secret to mastering this move (at Cathe’s speed) please let me know.

There are 20 reps in each set


No equipment needed 

Three windmills with a side tap is the last exercise.  Make the move as big as you can.

There are 10 per side.

Cool Down/Stretch

You’re not allowed to skip the stretch.  We all need to work on our flexibility.

Now What?

I really like Low Impact HiiT Two.  This is a good program to pair with one of the bonus ab routines (included on this video) or a short run.

And don’t forget about all those premix workoutsYou have a lot of choices and no excuses.  You’ll easily find something that’ll work for you no matter what kind of day you’re having.

Also, the choreography in Low Impact HiiT One and Two is all simple and you don’t need much equipment (just a little coordination and focus).  Anyone can do these workouts.  It’s a good investment.

You can find Low Impact HiiT in several places:

Cathe’s site


Collage Video

And remember you can find all of Cathe Friedrich’s workouts (there are hundreds) with a membership to Cathe on Demand (I love it).  You can read more about the Cathe on Demand program here.

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