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Tough Mudder Training Plan Week 12 (You Did It!)

August 25, 2016

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It’s Time to Celebrate!  You. Are. Incredible.

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It’s WEEK TWELVE of your 12-Week Tough Mudder Training!

Reminders (You probably don’t need this reminder anymore but here it is just in case…): Option 1 workouts are all Cathe Friedrich (plus the run that day, where applicable), and the Option 2 workouts are from various Beachbody programs.  Do the daily workouts in whatever order works for you.

You don’t have to do the Week 1 Workout 1, on your first day.  Just get in all 7 (only 6 this week) every week. (And you aren’t allowed to do more than one workout a day to skip 2 days).

If this is the first post you’ve read on my training template (Welcome *hug* and Where have you been?).  Check out the Step One, Two, and Three on About my Tough Mudder Template before you start training.  You need that information to use my training plan.

You can find links back to Weeks 1-11 Tough Mudder training at the bottom of this post.  Along with a few more helpful tips and reminders.

Make sure you read my Tough Mudder FAQ’s (part one and two) so you’ll be fully prepared for your race.

Get ready to put in your LAST WEEK OF TRAINING!

Guess what? You won’t be putting in that many miles of running this week.  You’re getting your body prepared for race day.

There are only 6 workouts to do this week.  (You MUST rest on the day before your event so there’s no workout 7 this week.  And since there’s a REST DAY  in this week’s 6 workouts you might have 2 rest days IN A ROW!  That’s totally up to you.  *If that’s confusing, email me and I’ll explain*)


Remember:  If it doesn’t CHALLENGE YOU.  It doesn’t CHANGE YOU.  

a graphic of week 12 workout one of Tough Mudder Training

A word about the VIP Parking pass…GET ONE!!  They are SO WORTH IT!!

You should have received an email from the Tough Mudder gurus at this point.  There will be links to the waivers and course description.

Make sure you’ve printed out and signed your waivers.

My advice:  Print out (or at least download) the course map.

a graphic for Tough Mudder Training Week 12 Workout 2

Option 1 Workout- Cathe Friedrich, The Terminator, Premix- Imax Extreme OR Athletic Training (from the Low Impact Series)

Option 2 Workout-Insanity Max:30 Friday Fight Round 2 + Any 3 TM Circuits

Reminder-In your Cathe On Demand membership(if you have one), the main Cathe Friedrich workouts can be found alphabetically under the ‘My Videos’ tab.  The Cathe Friedrich premix workouts (like above) can be found under the ‘Workout Blender’ tab.

Reminder-Every single Beachbody workout I use in my Tough Mudder Training Template can be found in a Beachbody on Demand membership

Use today to pull up every obstacle on your course via You Tube.  You’ll feel better if there are no surprises. 

Don’t panic about anything you see.  You’ve trained adequately.  You’ll do amazing.

And remember, it’s ok to skip an obstacle (or two) if you have to.  Don’t dwell on it.  But don’t plan to skip it before you even arrive, either.

a graphic for Tough Mudder Training Week 12 Workout 3

Option 1 Workout- Cathe Friedrich, HiiT- Premix- 30/30

Option 2 Workout-Insanity Core Cardio & Balance

After you check in on race day you’ll put your race number on your forehead with one of the sharpie markers.  (Tip-Bring your own sharpie.  The ones there won’t work well and your number needs to be legible so you can find your pictures online later.)

You’ll attach your bib on your body somewhere (chest, thigh, or back) with pins (they will provide the pins).  That means your number will be on your bib and in sharpie somewhere on your body. Pictures taken during the race will be sorted online by your number.  Between your bib and sharpie-applied number that doubles your chances of locating your photos online in a few days.

Tip:  Have one of your spectators take a photo of your team after you put on your bibs (but before the race).  Later you can use that ‘before’ shot to look up people by number (backup plan) when you’re trying to find photos. 

As long as the number of at least one person in a shot is visible then you can find it online.  And if you all stay together then you should be able to locate your photos.

*You can also take an ‘after’ shot with the group later for comparison. 

a graphic for Tough Mudder Training Week 12 Workout 4

Option 1 Workout- Cathe Friedrich, Boot Camp

Option 2 Workout-P90X2, X2 Core

a graphic for Week 12 Workout 5 for my Tough Mudder Training Plan

Here’s a link to those circuits.

I know I’ve told you up until now that every week you can do your 7 (this week 6) workouts in any order you want.  This week the order matters (a little).  Make sure you have a rest day on the day before your race.  Your body needs this.

Listen to me.  We’re friends now so I’ll share with you the fact that (just like you) I have a hard time observing my rest days.  I get grouchy and feel icky when I don’t get in my workout.  But this week it’s ok.  Take it easy the day before your race.  (You’re allowed to stretch.  You’re welcome.)

a graphic of the workout for Week 12 Workout 6 Tough Mudder Training Plan
a graphic from the Tough Mudder Training Template Week 12-Total Miles ran this week

OMG this thing is happening!! Your Tough Mudder is tomorrow!

Eat some carbs tonight and get well-hydrated (no alcohol tonight, that’s for after your race) and plan out your (light) breakfast for tomorrow.

For the love of monkeys read over my Tough Mudder FAQ’s part One and Two so that you arrive completely prepared.

Don’t forget to remind everyone on social media about your big event!  Post a few pictures (courtesy of your spectators) after you’re done to get everyone excited about running with you next year!

Be proud of yourself.  You’re a total badass for training so hard for the last 12 weeks.  Have fun! (*That’s an order*.)

Don’t get wrapped up in being first or the best on any obstacle.  Just enjoy the day you’ve worked so hard to prepare for.

Please share your Tough Mudder experience in the comment section below!  Any (helpful) topic, advice, or words of encouragement are appreciated.  Thank you 🙂

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