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Train To Conquer Your Tough Mudder—Week 10

July 26, 2016

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12-Week Tough Mudder Training Plan—WEEK TEN                              

Shout It Like You Mean It—I’m A Tough Mudder!

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Friendly Reminders:

Check out the Step One, Two, and Three on About my Tough Mudder Template before you start training.  You need that information to use my training plan.

Do the daily workouts in whatever order works for you.  You don’t have to do the Week 1 Workout 1, on your first day.  Just get in all 7 every week. (And you aren’t allowed to do more than one workout a day to skip 2 days).

If you still need to register for your Tough Mudder race, you can use my link to find your race and register.

Any questions about your Tough Mudder?  Of course you do!  Read this: Tough Mudder FAQ’s.

And please remember my notes, calories burned, and time spent on each workout refer to the Option One video program PLUS that day’s run (where applicable).  I list Option Two as a (completely acceptable) alternative, but I used Option One when I was training with this plan.

Remember: Option 1 workouts are all Cathe Friedrich (plus the run that day, where applicable), and the Option 2 workouts are from various Beachbody programs.


You can find the training template for weeks 1-8 at the bottom of this post.

On to Week Ten…

Work hard.   Have fun.  No drama.  


a graphic for TM training week 10 workout 1

I ran outside today.  I don’t care what anyone else says.  This is a long-ass run.

If this was an easy distance for you then you should consider running a full or half marathon.  And I seriously hate you right now.

Hook me up to receive pasta intravenously for the next few hours, please.

Stretch and hydrate, people!

a graphic for the tough mudder training workout in week 10 for workout 2

I hope you’ve surrounded yourself with friends and family that have been encouraging you during your TM training. 

Anyone that has acted like this is easy or a waste of your time is not your friend. 

They are sucking out your good mojo.  Abandon them for now. 

They’re secretly jealous of your determination and new shape.  You can resume your friendship (if you want to) after the event.

a graphic for Tough Mudder Training week 10 workout 3

Option 1 Workout-Cathe Friedrich, Xtrain Super Cuts Premix: Super Cuts + Core 1 (no sit up/push up combo)

Option 2 Workout-P90X2 Shoulders + Arms and Insanity Insane Abs

Reminder-In your Cathe On Demand subscription, the main Cathe Friedrich workouts can be found alphabetically under the ‘My Videos’ tab.  The Cathe Friedrich premix workouts (like above) can be found under the ‘Workout Blender’ tab.

Reminder-Every single Beachbody workout (including the ones I used in my training plan) can be found in a Beachbody on Demand membership.

A word about one of the TM obstacles: King of the Swingers...

This is the obstacle I skipped (twice, now).

It goes like this: you climb up a ladder to a (high) platform, then you jump off this platform over a big muddy puddle and reach out for a (trapeze-like) bar.

You swing on this bar towards a bell that’s dangling in space for you to hit with your hand before plunging into the water.

I’m scared of heights (and small spaces, deep holes, flying, etc.).  At my first TM I stood at the top of this platform and encouraged the awesome, clearly frightened girl in front of me to Go For It (which she did), then I proceeded to turn around and climb down the ladder.  I suck.

I’ll try again at every TM I run and let you know when I get this.  If you have to skip something don’t whine about it.  Move on.  You’ll get it at your next TM.

a graphic for Tough Mudder training week 10 workout 4

*I stopped for a few minutes around mile 4 to speak with someone that was fixing a broken spigot outside our house.  I didn’t stop my HRM.  My point—you will most likely do this in less time.

So, how’s the training going for the rest of your team?

I want to prepare you for a sad truth. 

People get left behind during the TM.  And most of the time, the ditchers are the athletes that committed and trained for the event, and the ditchees are the ones that didn’t.  It’s not a good situation.

This creates an awkward moment when you all show up at work Monday morning, or when you meet back up with the family members you left lying on the ground around mile 7, at the car after the race.  You want to avoid this at all costs.

It’s much better to give these people an out long before the event, rather than be accused of Making Them Do This Stupid Race.

Don’t let these people ruin it for you.  You’re a bad ass and they may not be there yet.  Accept it.  Let them go.  You’re a good role model.  Maybe they will do the next one with you.

If you know they aren’t training for this thing (or have only been half-ass training), then suggest they come as spectators this year.

Maybe they would appreciate the offer.  If they haven’t trained it’ll be better for everyone if they admit that they never committed to preparing for the event and should wait to participate until next year.

a graphic for tough mudder training week 10 workout 5

Option 1 Workout- Cathe Friedrich, Muscle Max

Option 2 Workout-P90X2 Total Body

*It was one of those days where time got away from me despite my planning.  I had to quit this workout ten minutes early to drive my son to basketball camp (it was several hours away). 

This happens OCCASIONALLY. 

You’re NOT allowed to habitually stop early or skip workouts because things ‘pop up’.  Shit happens.

Try to plan your whole week in advance around your training.  It’ll pay off, I promise.  

I was a bad example today.

a graphic for tough mudder training workout 6 of week 10

Option 1 Workout-Cathe Friedrich, Drill Max, Premix: Cardio and All Upper Body

Option 2 Workout-Insanity Max 30:FF Round 1 and P90X3 The Challenge

When you finish this workout go immediately to the bathroom.  Put on one of those new pair of panties you bought a few weeks ago (if you haven’t bought a new pair of underwear since 1980, you have permission to go do that today).  Now look at your ass in a mirror.  Lookin’ good, right?  Have I told you that you’re a bad ass today?  You are.

a graphic showing the week 10 workout 7 for tough mudder training

Option 1 Workout-Cathe Friedrich, Cardio Fusion, Premix: Mix and Max*

Option 2 WorkoutP90X3 The Warrior and Insanity Max:30 Sweat Intervals

*Remember to substitute this workout (if you hate the advanced choreography) with a different cardio routine for about the same amount of time.  You can use Option Two or pick your own.

You are SO CLOSE to event day!  You can taste it at this point.  You should get butterflies in your stomach when you think about it.

If you haven’t booked a hotel yet then get on it, I’d book a reservation for dinner the night of the race, too.  Go somewhere nice.  You’ve earned it!

a graphic showing the total distance run in week 10 of my tough mudder training plan

Another week down! You. Are. Amazing.

I’ll see you back here for Week 11!

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