Your Guide to ArmourBox (& Why It’s One of the Best Fitness Subscription Boxes Today)

August 24, 2018

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Sadly, as of early 2020 Under Armour has suspended this program. For now, I’m recommending this program.

What is Armourbox by Under Armour?

I’m so excited to tell you that Under Armour has joined the party!

The monthly workout clothes subscription box party, that is.

And they’re shaking things up in a big way!

You’ll love what Under Armour is doing with their subscription box program.  There are a few things that make ArmourBox special (and a program to fall in love with).

I’m going to tell you exactly what’s awesome about ArmourBox and how you can sign up.

various workout gear laying on a table

I’m also tackling the following questions:

How much is ArmourBox?

Who is ArmourBox for?

What do you get in your ArmourBox?

How is ArmourBox different than other monthly subscription workout clothes box programs?

What’s the only bad thing about ArmourBox?

How do you sign up for ArmourBox?

Let’s get started…

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What is ArmourBox?

ArmourBox is the workout clothes subscription box program by Under Armour.

How much is ArmourBox?

ArmourBox is completely FREE!

There are no style fees or shipping charges in Under Armour’s subscription box program!

This makes it unique from every other fitness subscription box program out there that I’m aware of today.

The only thing you’ll pay for are the items you keep.

And if you decide to keep all of the items in your shipment then you’ll get 20% off the total price.

Who is Armour Box for?

The ArmourBox is for women AND men and athletes of every sport!

This is another unique aspect of what Under Armour is doing with their athletic apparel subscription box.

Most of the other programs are for men OR women but don’t try and take on both.

And other workout clothes box programs specialize in sending out workout apparel that’s meant for general exercise.  (Think of whatever exercise you can do in a gym.)

Under Armour is taking on every sport you can imagine and sending out a box of ‘gear’ rather than just clothes.

So, when you fill out your ‘style questionnaire’ every type of athlete is represented.

a box of images that show people playing different sports

If snowboarding or golf are among your favorite sports then Under Armour wants to know.  (And will create a monthly box just for you and the sports you love.)

Styling every kind of athlete is a new and awesome way of doing things!  Thank you, Under Armour!

What do you get in an Armour Box?

Every time you receive your Armour Box you’ll find 4-6 items inside.

I love that the Under Armour monthly subscription box might include shoes in your gear.  Most of the other athletic apparel box programs do not include shoes.

*(The Avenue A program by Adidas includes shoes in their shipment but they’re program is ‘taking a break’ and I’m not sure if their program will stay the same when they resume.)

You’ll also get other items in your gear box that are not all apparelThe items will be handpicked for you based on the answers you provided in the questionnaire when you signed up.

As an example of what you might receive, I got a pair of tennis shoes, a sports bra, a pair of tights, a shirt and a cap in my first ArmourBox.

But you might also find sunglasses, earbuds, socks, a water bottle etc.

How often will you get your Armour Box?

You can set up your subscription to receive your box every 30, 60 or 90 days.

How is Armour Box different than other monthly subscription boxes for fitness gear?

There are a few (awesome) things that make Armourbox a unique monthly subscription box.

Environmentally Friendly

I love this about ArmourBox. Instead of sending you a shipping bag to return anything you don’t want to keep, the Under Armour monthly box program ships your items in a beautiful sturdy box that you’ll reuse to send back your returns. Genius!


Like I already mentioned, most monthly box programs for workout clothes don’t include shoes. I love that ArmourBox isn’t afraid to send shoes!

No Fees

ArmourBox is the only monthly box program that has absolutely no fees (styling or shipping). You only pay money when you keep something.  Score!!

Every Athlete and Gender

ArmourBox is for every male and female athletenot just women who go to the gym.

7 days

ArmourBox is the only monthly subscription box program that gives you an entire week to check out all of your items (as a comparison, the other programs similar to ArmourBox give you 5 days)

Who will love ArmourBox?

You’re going to love ArmourBox if you love the Under Armour brand.

If you’re looking for a monthly subscription box program that doesn’t have any financial commitment or risk then you’ll love ArmourBox.

If you think you’ll need more than 5 days to look over your shipment then you’ll love ArmourBox.

You’ll love ArmourBox if you’re a man looking for a monthly subscription box program for exercise gear.

Is there anything bad about the ArmourBox program?

The only drawback to ArmourBox is that you will always get stuff from Under Armour.

Every brand has its own unique signature so eventually you might find that you want something a little bit different.

But Under Armour makes amazing high-quality apparel and athletic gear so I predict that it would take a while before you hit your Under Armour threshold.

How do you sign up for Armour Box (And What Happens Next)?

Step One

Head over to the sign up screen and create your account:

an image from the ArmourBox website that shows blue and black workout gear laying on a table

Answer all the questions about your style and the sports you love:

Provide your sizes:

Receive your welcome emails!

an image of the what the welcome emails from ArmourBox will look in your Inbox

Step Two

Your shipment arrives!

Use the next week to check out all your new gear!

Keep everything! Or send back the items you don’t want using the box your gear arrived in.

Step Three

Head over to the ArmourBox website and check out!

That’s It!

Now you just have to wait patiently for your next ArmourBox to arrive!

ArmourBox is a great gift idea!

Give the athlete in your life a gift certificate to ArmourBox!


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Thanks for reading!

You’re the Best!


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