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This is the Best Aerobic Step on the Market (here’s why)

September 27, 2022

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After doing 1000’s of home workouts using an exercise step I’m going to give you my expert recommendation for the very best aerobic step on the market today. But I’m also going to tell you exactly WHY I recommend this step.

Should you run out and replace whatever you’ve been using for step workouts?

Yes, yes you should.

Let’s break down all the reasons why…

And before we get down to business, let’s clarify the terms I’ll be using (and that you’ll see used across the fitness industry and intrawebs) to refer to the exact same piece of exercise equipment. (In the same way that a pink neoprene-coated dumbbell and a dumbbell made of cast iron are both dummbells. Yes, they look different but they’re used the same.) The following names (and combinations of each one) are all the same piece of equipment:

  • aerobic step
  • exercise step
  • fitness step
  • workout step
  • aerobic platform
  • aerobic step with adjustable risers
  • exercise bench
  • workout stepper
  • step-up bench


Of course, there’s an ongoing debate about when/if size matters, but regardless of where you normally stand on this subject this is one instance where BIGGER IS BETTER.

Consider for a moment a few of the ways you might use your new exercise platform:

Step ups.



Jog/run onto the step.

Burpees, push-ups or planks.

As a weight bench sitting or on your back (you’ll need full support of your spine to use your step this way).

And even stretching (sitting, standing and laying).

Thanks to the explosion of programs and instructors in the last few years that use an aerobic step in their routines, I’m pleasantly surprised nearly every week with a way to use my exercise step that I’ve never tried (even after doing step workouts for 20+ years).

Click here to see some of our favorite programs that use an exercise step.

Envision yourself doing all of those exercise on a full-size step (aka: gym-sized, health-club sized, large) vs a (much) smaller (circuit-sized) workout step.

Let me help you with some visuals…

You get support of your entire spine with a large 43 inch platform
A standard circuit step (black) compared to a full size 43″ modern step by One Strong Southern Girl (limited edition red)

You can see in the images below that a large platform is a much bigger (and safer) target for your feet for jumping, lunging, stepping, etc.

Safety (locking risers)

You won’t find another gym-size 43″ step on the market with true locking risers.

The patent-pending design that allows the risers to lock in place

This patent-pending feature (found only on the design by One Strong Southern Girl) is a gamechanger for home exercisers.

The adjustable risers on the original aerobic step have been the standard design since the introduction of the aerobic step in the 80’s, but those risers never truly ‘locked’ in place. They fit together like puzzle pieces but will quickly come out of alignment with any uneven force placed on the platform during exercise.

The traditional (non-locking) risers have been especially frustrating for exercisers when it’s time to move the step into a different orientation during a workout (from horizontal to vertical, for example) because the risers would need to be realigned again so that the step could be used safely.

With the patent-pending locking risers on the modern workout step by One Strong Southern Girl you can easily re-position your entire set-up (risers and all) without having to readjust the risers.

And changing out risers (to adjust the height) is simple when you remember the ‘flip’.

Use the ‘flip’ to change the locking risers
How to adjust the locking risers on the One Strong Southern Girl modern workout step

They thought of everything…why the rubber surface is split

During beta tests of the new design by One Strong Southern Girl they discovered something interesting…home exercisers wanted a way to know with a glance where the center of the platform was (the safest point during jumping and other exercises).

So, they split the placement of the non-slip rubber honeycomb-patterned mats to see what the team of exercisers would think.

It was a massive success.

Not only does that split allow the user to quickly know where the center/middle of the platform is located, the mats became the perfect reference for hip-width and shoulder-width (which are common reference points during a workout).

This is a unique feature you won’t find on any other step platform on the market.

Keep your floors scratch-free and don’t worry about slipping

They kept the standard features found on most full-size aerobic steps on the market…

  • 8 rubber attachments on the bottom of every platform (4 on the bottom of each riser) that keep your platform in place when you’re exercising without risers and protect your hard floors from scratches
  • A non-slip rubber surface with a unique textured pattern (compared to the slick surface you’ll find on circuit steps)

Ready to pick your color and aerobic step package?


Still not convinced that the One Strong Southern Girl workout step is the right one for you?

Keep reading to learn more…

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