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A Review of Xtreme Hip Hop Step Aerobics

October 28, 2022

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I consider myself a step fitness nerd. I LOVE doing workouts that use an aerobic workout step. I’ve had the Xtreme Hip Hop program on my list to try for a while now. I think I’ve put off doing this review because I’m a little intimidated by the clips of these classes that I see floating around social media.

These exercisers can dance.

I cannot.

BUT, as I said, I LOVE my aerobic step so I set out to test this program and find out who it’s for, how hard it is, what kind of stepper you need to do the workouts and what you get if you subscribe to a membership to the library of routines. (Oh, and, should you sign up if you can’t dance?)

So, let’s get to it!

What is Xtreme Hip Hop?

Xtreme Hip Hop routines are dance cardio classes using an aerobic step set to hip hop music.

I was a little shocked at how loud the music is in the classes. The instructor (usually Phil) yells out the steps to do over the music. It feels like you’re in a club and he’s a DJ. (Clubs might be different now but it reminded me of a club experience from my 20’s.)

The music isn’t just background noise in these routines. It’s a vital part of the experience so, I get it. But it’s loud.

Be prepared to move faster than you’ve ever moved before. The combinations aren’t that complicated but the pace is super fast and that’s where you’ll get messed up.

There are some classes with toning segments as well as a series of cardio classes (the ‘Burn’ routines) that don’t use a step at all, but if you’re not planning on investing in a step platform then Xtreme Hip Hop isn’t for you.

Who is Phil?

The Xtreme Hip Hop program was created by Phil Wheeden in 2013 and has exploded in popularity since he began touring around the US and other countries instructing Xtreme Hip Hop classes to his fans.

Phil Wheeden is a personal trainer, gym owner and former bodybuilder.

There are now other instructors and Master Trainers in the Xtreme Hip Hop method all over the world. (There’s a 2-day virtual instructors training class on the website.)

What is the streaming membership?

The streaming membership is paid access to the library of 100’s of different live classes, past live classes (archives), and digital DVD’s.

a few categories in the Xtreme Hip Hop library

The classes range in length from 10 minutes (the Jump Start classes) to over an hour.

You can use the app, a web browser or Roku to stream classes.

The classes in the library are in several different categories (depending on your membership level) and include Advanced, Beginner, Burn (these are cardio routines without a step), MXM (Men Xtreme Mondays), WXW (Women Xtreme Wednesdays), Jump Starts (10 minutes of step), Digital DVD’s and more.

Are there Live workouts?


I love that you get an email reminding you that the live workout is about to start.

Xtreme Hip Hop live schedule

What equipment do you need? And where can I buy the right size step?

The only equipment you’ll need is a full size workout step platform (43″ x 16″).

Don’t buy a circuit step for these routines. They’re too small and will flip over (or you’ll trip) during this style of class.

This is the exercise platform I use to do the classes (and the one I recommend).

Is there a nutrition plan in the membership?


The Xtreme Nutrition section of the website is dedicated to selling supplements, it’s not a nutrition plan.

How much space do you need to do the routines?

You’ll need 3-5 feet around the perimeter of your platform to do the classes.

How difficult are the classes? (are they for beginners?)

There are classes for beginner to advanced exercisers based on the level of choreography.

The choreography is fun, but it’s the tempo (speed) of the movements that makes the classes difficult. Be patient. These routines are SO FUN once you master the rythm and pace.

How do you sign up for the on-demand library? (and what does it cost?)

If you want access to the entire library of Xtreme Hip Hop classes then you’ll sign up for the Livestream Archives/DVD’s Xtreme Hip Hop streaming membership.

There’s a 7-day free trial period before you’re charged.

As of late 2022, the cost of a membership to the streaming library which includes the livestream archives and digital DVDs is $14.99/month. (This is the best membership option in my opinion because it includes everything.)

But you have a few options for memberships:

cost of the different Xtreme Hip Hop membership options

Click here to see all of the sign up options (and click on ‘Choose Plan’ to learn what makes each option different).

If you have more questions you can find answers in the FAQ’s.

Best things about Xtreme Hip Hop?

The energy level of the instructor/s and exercisers in the video is amazing.

The music good. You’ll want to move when you hear it.

I love that there are exercisers of every shape and size in the classes.

What would make it better?

I felt overwhelmed with the content in the library when I first signed up.

membership library thumbnail information in Xtreme Hip Hop

The app feels a little clunky compared to other paid fitness libraries. That’s not a gamechanger but I think it would be a big improvement if they updated the app and library Dashboard.

As a beginner, you need to hear the cueing to know what to do while you’re learning the combinations. I had a hard time making out the cues over the music (at first). It got easier over time, but that was a little frustrating for me.

My recommendation about Xtreme Hip Hop

Start with the Xtreme Hip Hop with Phil YouTube channel. Watch clips from the different classes so you can get a feel for the style of the routines and the class experience.

Once you sign up, start with the beginner routines.

They’re very helpful and were essential for me to learn the basic steps (which are used in every routine).

Use the 7-day free trial period to learn everything you can about the program and test out as many workouts as you can.

And follow the Xtreme Hip Hop social channels so you can stay on top of all their announcements and events.

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