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Tone it Up (An Incredibly Honest Review)

March 28, 2023

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There are a few things that make Tone it Up a unique workout option for exercisers. The app has a robust library of workout classes with lots of different styles including HiiT cardio, strength training, yoga and even dance (to name a few). With a membership to the app, you can sign up for one of their programs and get access to a predesigned weekly workout calendar.

So, what does Tone it Up do really well, where does it fall short and who will love it?

I’ll break it all down for you.

What is Tone it Up?

Tone it Up is a fitness brand that includes an online store selling a range of supplements, fitness gear (apparel and equipment), nutrition plans, and a subscription-based workout library*.

*I’ll be focusing on the subscription-based workout library in this review.

Tone it Up Mission Statement:

Tone It Up is a wellness movement, a way of life, your community.
Tone It Up empowers you to live your healthiest, happiest, and most confident life. From nutrition products to healthy recipes, workouts, meditations, and a vibrant community, you’ll feel connected— mind, body, and soul.

Tone it Up was founded by personal trainers Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn in 2009. You can read more about their story here. Here’s an excerpt from the website:

Fitness serendipity brought personal trainers Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn together in 2009. The two met at the gym and quickly began making plans to create a fitness community for women that was positive and inspiring. At the time, fitness was harsh — it weighed you in, it counted your calories, and it yelled at you to get fit. Karena and Katrina set out to change that for women.

The two personal trainers created the first fitness community that embraced positivity and empowered women. Pioneering the fitness influencer space, Karena and Katrina started a lifestyle brand and ignited a movement, influencing millions of women to gain confidence, connect with each other, and reach their goals

Tone it Up dot com (Our Story)

How to Use the Tone it Up app

After you sign up for a subscription to the Tone it Up app (I’ll share some important details about your sign up options in a minute), you’ll be prompted to complete a short survey.*

*I thought the survey was to help give me appropriate workout recommendations but I’m not sure abou that anymore. It might just be so that the company can get useful information about its subscribers. Either way, it won’t take you long to complete.

After you complete the survey, you’ll be taken to the main page of the app which opens in the ‘Workouts’ tab. There are 5 tabs in the app (make sure you check them all out)–My Program, Workouts, Nutrition, Profile and Community.

There’s a lot going on in the Workout tab so I want to point out the most important features.

The calendar at the top of this page highlights all the days that you’ve completed a class in the app and if you’re signed up for one of the programs then the length of the program is also highlighted.

I love this feature! It gives you a quick visual ‘win’ when you see all the workouts you’ve done (or a little kick in the butt for missing one too many).

The next thing you need to know about the Workout page in the app is that you can use this tab in several different ways to find a class.

You can view the entire library of routines by tapping on the ‘View all’ option at the first category called ‘Workout Library’.

Then you’ll see a bunch of other categories (as you scroll) that are divided by theme–New Releases, Shadow Boxing, Summer Tone it Up, Pilates, etc. or you can tap on the filter icon in the top right corner of this page (this is how I usually find a new class) and find a class based on filters like goals, duration, level, equipment, etc.

Remember that classes might show up in several different categories so try out all the different ways you can find whatever you’re looking for.

You can also scroll through the main page while on the Workouts tab and find a section called ‘Move-Based Routines’ that have classes sorted in different ways–Total Body, Booty, Abs, Arms, Pregnancy, HiiT, etc.

The Workouts tab is also where you’ll find the classes and any recipes you mark as ‘Favorites’ as well as the ‘Daily Freebie’ (a free class to non-subscribers).

The classes are recorded in different settings. Some are in a studio and some are recorded outside in a yard or beach setting but every routine has a clean and modern feel with no distractions.

The audio is very good and there’s music but the classes aren’t set to the beat. The music is literally just noise in the background.

I love the countdown timer and class descriptions. And some of the classes have a countdown timer for each circuit as well.

You’ll find routines as short as 10 minutes and as long as 48 minutes.

The workout library in Tone it Up is robust. There are 100’s of classes, with new ones added every week.

There are 4 other tabs in the app–My Program, Nutrition, Profile and Community.

You’ll choose the program you want to try out from the Workouts tab and then it’ll show up under My Programs.

You can only sign up for one program at a time.

It’s hard to choose one, but once you do you’ll have classes all laid out for you on a calendar that you’ll find under My Program. You can enable reminders so that you’ll be notified about your class.

The next section of the app that you’ll want to check out is the Nutrition tab.

I was certain that I’d have to pay for whatever I found in this section but was happy to discover that it’s all free with your membership.

There are recipes and meal plans.

The Profile tab is where you’ll find your personal account information and the Community tab shows you other Tone it Up members in your area which is cool (and creepy?).

Are there live workouts?

No. Not that I’ve seen. (Based on the 100’s of other workout platforms I’ve reviewed I’m sure that the Tone it Up team has discussed adding this feature at some point, though.)

The Tone it Up Instructors

The founders, Katrina and Karena aren’t the only instructors in the Tone it Up line up.

There are 22 female instructors listed in the app (no male instructors) and you can filter classes by instructor from the ‘Workouts’ tab.

What equipment do you need for the Tone it Up classes?

You can find classes using dumbbells, booty bands, kettlebell, resistance bands, barbell, ankle weights, workout step, stationary bike etc. (It would be easier to list the equipment they don’t have in a class but I can’t think of anything.)

And there are also a ton of classes that don’t require any equipment at all.

You do NOT need to buy any of the equipment sold by Tone it Up to do the workouts (any set of fitness loops, dumbbells, etc. will work).

Is there a nutrition plan?

There’s not ONE diet or nutrition plan* for users of the app. But under the Nutrition tab you’ll find tons of recipes and meal plans sorted by theme (new recipes, Fall favorites, Air Fryer Recipes, Soups + Crockpot Meals, Own Your Strength Meal Plan, Fall Challenge Meal Plan, etc.).

*On the Tone it Up website there are some paid nutrition plans (including one called The Tone it Up Nutrition Plan). You can see the paid options here.

Do you need extra space to do the workouts?

To do the classes safely, you’ll need the same amount of space you need for 99% of home workouts on the market (although I haven’t done every class in the library) which is roughly the size of a 5′ x 7′ rug.

Are the classes hard? For men or women? Beginners?

I haven’t stumbled across any classes that have difficult choreography (but haven’t done a dance class yet).

The workouts are designed for women but there’s no reason men couldn’t do them.

There are classes for beginner through advanced exercisers. I consider myself an advanced exerciser when it comes to most home workouts and I feel like the classes are accurately sorted.

And of course, you can make any class more or less difficult based on your fitness level.

How do you sign up? And how much does it Cost?

Whenever possible I recommend that you sign up for a new workout library (they call it the ‘Tone it Up Studio’, btw) using your computer. It’s just easier to figure out exactly what you’re getting, sign up and then log in to your account and check out all the features.

Tone it Up is different. You can learn a lot about Tone it Up (the brand) from their website. And I recommend that you use their website if you want to shop at their online store. But the best way to subscribe to the app is through your phone*.

*HOWEVER, there’s a quarterly payment option you’ll find on the website that I didn’t see on the app.

All of the sign up options offer a 7-day free trial period.

What are the best things about the Tone it Up subscription?

  • robust library with tons of classes in a variety of styles, lengths and instructors
  • great price for the amount of content
  • great filters in the app to help you find exactly what you’re in the mood for
  • the outtakes! (make sure you watch the last minute of every video! some of them have blooper-type clips that are fun)

What would make it better?

  • live class option
  • a category of pre-stacked workouts for days when you want something longer(2-3 classes already combined into a 45-60 minute routine)
  • some classes using a full size workout step! Girls, c’mon get rid of that little circuit step (it’s cute and compact but not the best option for exercising)! I’ll ship you some beautiful full size steps (we happen to sell the best ones on the market)

Worth the money?


My recommendation?

Get to know the company and the founders using all their free resources.

You can find them on YouTube, Instagram and the internet.

Join their email list and read other reviews about their company and services.

Sign up for a membership (or get someone to gift you one), click on every option in the app during your free trial period, and try out several different workout styles and instructors to get familiar with the app and your membership.

I also recommend you read over the FAQ/help section on the website.

Then sign up for a program and enjoy!

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