Cathe on Demand is the streaming workout on demand service by Cathe Friedrich. Once you sign up for a membership you get access to a huge library of workouts created by Cathe Friedrich (all of them). I get a lot of questions from people who feel overwhelmed with how to navigate among features inside the […]

How to Use your Cathe Live or Cathe on Demand + Live Membership

In this day where you can stream any movie, TV show, or baby animal doing funny people-things it’s time to start streaming your workout videos, too. Cathe Friedrich has one of the best On Demand fitness service. Let me explain… Cathe Friedrich, an ACE (American Council on Exercise)-certified instructor since 1986 and a member of […]

How to Sign Up for Cathe Live or Cathe On Demand (A Review and Step by Step Guide)

For some reason I always expect the live workouts to be easier than the professionally choreographed and polished routines on Cathe Friedrich’s DVD’s but I’ve been set straight with every single live Cathe workout. Metabolic Conditioning Live is just as challenging (if not more) than any workout DVD you have at home. Here’s a taste […]

Treat yourself to Metabolic Conditioning Live with Cathe Friedrich (a review)

There’s just something about a workout that mixes up two kinds of exercisey parts and smushes them together in perfect harmony that makes me happy. Metabolic Circuit Blast Live is a great example of a routine that achieves that goal (seamlessly fusing cardio and strength training in one workout). Cathe Friedrich is a master of […]

A Review of Metabolic Circuit Blast Live by Cathe Friedrich

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