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An Honest Review of B The Method with Lia Bartha

August 10, 2022

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Created by Lia Bartha, B The Method is ideal for anyone looking for a  low-impact, challenging Pilates/barre style exercise program with gentle (but challenging) movements and zero confusing choreography. These routines specialize in slow, controlled movements that get laser-focused on all the major muscle groups while engaging all the tiny supporting muscles as well.

I’ve been testing out Lia’s program (I’m not an affiliate) and am here to tell you if this workout style (and a paid membership to the on-demand library) is ideal for you. Find out exactly what equipment you’ll need (my favorite part!) and why I think most people will have a place in their workout calendar for these routines.

What is B The Method?

In a nutshell (from someone who’s done several of the workouts inside her library) here’s what you can expect from the classes:

  • low impact
  • original Pilates-style exercises you’ve probably never done
  • movements that connect naturally
  • no confusing choreography
  • sculpting, toning and stretching (depending on the routine you choose)
  • a satisfying workout

And here’s a beautiful summary of B The Method from Lia:

Low impact, deep, energizing and restorative, B The Method is a carefully curated sequence of unique exercises using a small stability ball, which lengthens, strengthens and protects your entire body. The slow, intentional movements flow from one to the next to ensure every muscle works throughout a session. B The Method offers you a remedy to high-impact, injury-prone exercises with a thoughtful, purposeful full-body workout, making you feel deeply supported and connected both mentally and physically. No muscle untouched, no body part overworked or overlooked, this method is the path to a stronger, healthier and more unified body and soul. B The Method is the answer for every body. 


Who is Lia Bartha? And why did she create B The Method?

Lia Bartha, a classically trained Pilates instructor, tells the story of why and how she created B The Method on her website (here’s an excerpt):

I loved the idea of transcendental meditation but it just didn’t feel right for me. I wanted the peace I felt when I was dancing or swimming in the ocean. Couldn’t I have the best of both worlds? There had to be a way to exercise while healing my body and mind at the same time. I wanted the calm stimulating awakening of meditation AND the low-impact, full-body benefits of Pilates. And what if I could do it all without the clunky equipment? That’s when the idea for B The Method hit me. So I quit my day job. 

I started studying anatomy and nutrition and how the mind affects the body and the body affects the mind. My goal was to strip away all of the noise, all of the useless extras, leaving something grounding, present and real. So for years, while I trained my clients in classical Pilates, I mixed in some exercises I was developing with a small stability ball – a light, portable and multifunctional prop. I discovered that Pilates foundations, mixed with ballet and swimming-inspired motions, tapped into every layer of muscle in the body while forming a flow-state within the mind. Slowly but surely, my clients, no matter what their body type or age, were telling me exactly how I had been feeling – the method was a deep, challenging workout that left me feeling fully connected, body and mind.

Lia Bartha

B The Method Library (the insider info)

Here are the details you need to know about the routines and using the workout library.

There’s no music.*

*That’s a dealbreaker for some people so I like to mention it. I’d encourage you to try these workouts even if music is really important to you in your workout.

Every workout is a 1:1 style class lead by Lia Bartha herself.

Lia Bartha teaches every class in this workout library (unlike other popular workout libraries on the market like The Class or Tracy Anderson’s Method, where the creator will often teach the new method to other instructors).

I love the way the library is organized by smart categories. This makes it very easy to find a workout that meets your needs for the day.

There’s a catgory that highlights all the new routines for the month as well as a category that suggests an entire week of workouts for you (basically a workout calendar for the week).

There are categories with workouts based on your level as an exerciser…

And categories with workouts grouped by length (there are routines as long as 60 minutes and as short as 15 minutes)…

If you hover over a routine in the library you can see the workout description and tools used in the routine.

And there’s a search bar you can use to find specific routines as well…(I typed in ‘glutes’ here to show you how it works)

And make sure you check out the comments below the live workouts.

It’s a fun way to engage with other B Method exercisers even if you can’t be there live.

Are there live workouts with this membership?


The live schedule is posted in the banner of the workout library (including a short description of the upcoming workout).

And you can watch the live replays once they’re loaded into the on-demand library under ‘Livestream Replays’.

What will you need to do the workouts?

I love it when a program feels ‘complete’ without the need for a ton of tools. (Although I’m also a girl who loves a home gym that’s stocked with all the RIGHT tools.)

All you’ll need to do the B The Method routines is a small fitness ball (Lia calls this a small stability ball) and a mat. I use my 9 inch Pilates ball to do these workouts.

Ankle weights and light dumbbells (1-3 lbs.) are optional. (Lia uses these tools in some of the routines.)

Is there a nutrition plan in the membership?

No, the B The Method membership doesn’t include a nutrition plan.

How much space will a home exerciser need to do the workouts?

Good news!

Home exercisers won’t need a lot more room than the size of your yoga mat to do most of the workouts inside the library (including the cardio flow workouts).

Are the routines for advanced, intermediate or beginning exercisers?

B The Method is for every level exerciser but are ideal for the beginner and intermediate exerciser.

If you’re more advanced then these routines are the perfect companion to a workout calendar full of more intense cardio and weight lifting routines during the week.

How much is a B The Method membership? (and how do I sign up?)

You get a lot for your monthly (or annual) investment–new on-demand workouts every week, live streaming workouts 2-3 times/week and membership inside a community of other B The Method exercisers.

There’s a 7-day free trial before you’re billed for the membership and then it’s $17.99/month or $159.99/year.

I love a good welcome email!

My favorite thing about B The Method…

I’m obsessed with the flow of this program.

Slow, controlled movements that get laser-focused on all the major muscle groups while engaging all the tiny supporting muscles as well.

I’m always looking for a workout that won’t leave me drenched in sweat but gives me the same satisfaction of a workout that does. 

What would make B The Method (even) better?

A Roku App.

I’m a fan of usin Roku apps to workout at home and there’s not a Roku App for B The Method (yet!).

But that’s my only complaint.

**UPDATE: B the Method has a Roku app now! Yay!

Is B The Method worth the investment?


The workout library is full of on-demand options and if you’re a girl who loves a ‘live’ experience then you have that option as well.

My recommendation?

Sign up for the 7-day trial of B the Method and download the app (or whatever method you’ll be using to access the workouts).

Then set aside some time to click on every button in the library and learn what each category is about and plan out a week worth of routines.

Cancel if it’s not your thing after 7 days or stay for a while and incorporate B The Method into your life on a regular basis.

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  1. Dana says:

    Hi! B the Method does have a Roku app now! This was a great review, my experience with this method definitely aligns with it!

    • Thank you for letting us know about the Roku app! We’re going to record a YouTube review of B the Method on our channel and will make sure to include that information! (and update this post!)

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