The Step Boss Program by Cathe Friedrich is a combination of classic step aerobics and strength training. But I encourage you to read this full review before you rush off and ‘add to cart’ any of these videos.  These workouts aren’t for everyone. I’ve done all of the main routines and can help you figure […]

A Review of Step Boss with Cathe Friedrich (read this before you buy)

If you’re new to Cathe Friedrich (Welcome! *high five*) and you’re trying to decide if her exercise programs are for you then let me tell you this—YES, yes they are!  (And Fit Split is a great place to get started but you’ll want to read this entire post before you purchase it.) In 3 words […]

Fit Split with Cathe Friedrich (A review and guide of this total body workout for women)

What are Cathe Friedrich’s Fit Tower Workouts?  (Barre routines? Yoga? Or Pilates?) Stay tuned and I’ll give you all the information you need before you buy/try this program. “The Fit Tower workouts include elements of yoga, ballet, Pilates and traditional strength exercises that will keep you both challenged and engaged as you advance through the […]

A Comprehensive Review of the Fit Tower Barre Workout Series by Cathe Friedrich

I don’t give out an A+ rating very often (you can read about my ratings here).  But Boot Camp with Step LIVE has it all—cardio, total body strength training (including core work) and you don’t need a ton of equipment.  There’s also a good stretch at the end and anyone can do the moves. These are […]

Cathe Friedrich On Demand: Workouts Like This One Are Why You Need to Try It

High Intensity Cardio Step Live is a high-impact step workout and a great example of the quality of routines inside the Cathe Live library. There are 11 short step aerobic intervals followed by an upper body weight segment using light dumbbells in this routine. Here’s a peek at this Live Cathe Friedrich workout: If you’ve […]

A Cathe Live Workout Review: High Intensity Cardio Step Live

Home exercise can be a challenge. It’s all too easy to get sidetracked with life when you’re at home. I mean, the kitchen, the kids and the laundry are all just feet away. You can do this!  But maybe you need to add a shot of adrenaline to the way you’ve been doing things so […]

The 12 Best Resources for Working Out at Home (That You Haven’t Thought of Yet)

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