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“Engagement–not momentum.” –Tony Horton’s Tip-of-the-day for P90X2 Ab Ripper The tempo in this ab routine is slower than the original Ab Ripper X.  The idea is to focus on engaging every ab muscle with each rep. There are 11 core exercises (all done on the floor) in this 17-minute routine. Remember Ab Ripper X2 is […]

A Review of P90X2 Ab Ripper (And Why You Should Try it Today)

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I vividly remember saying this to my best friend during high school:  “Spring break is next week.  I have 7 days to get a 6-pack…” And believe it or not, I was talking about the stomach I wanted, not an alcoholic beverage. I really thought if I did enough crunches in a week (while continuing […]

P90X3 Ab Ripper, P90X2, and P90X (A Comparison of all 3 Ab Ripper Workouts)


I’m not a huge fan of Focus T25 but Focus T25 Ab Intervals (one of the Alpha workouts in the series) is a really good core routine that will make you feel a little better about having bought the program. In case you need a reminder, here’s a preview of the entire Focus T25 program: Pay […]

A Review of T25 Ab Intervals (you should get excited about Focus T25 because of this ab workout)

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So, you woke up today and decided:  I really want a 6-pack.  (Not the adult-beverage kind, but some of those fancy muscle-bumps in the belly region.) And what was your solid plan to achieve this shiny goal? *crickets chirping* It’s ok.  I’ve got a plan for you.  It’s called Insanity Insane Abs (from the Insanity […]

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