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Best Beachbody Workouts for Women in 2023 (for cardio and toning)

January 23, 2023

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Beachbody continues to blow me away with their ability to crank out amazing workouts and programs month after month. If you’re a member of Beachbody on Demand then you’re in a great place as a home exerciser. But sometimes it’s difficult to sort through their ever-expanding workout library to find what’s the best.

I’ve been a member of BOD since its inception (and have tested out all of the programs at one point or another) so I’m here to give you my top recommendations right now for the top Beachbody programs for toning and cardio.

Top Beachbody Programs (for women) for Toning

If you’re a beginner then try out 21-Day Fix with Autumn Calabrese or Shift Shop with Chris Downing (I love this Beachbody program even though it was never really promoted like most of the other programs inside BOD).

If you’re an advanced weight lifter then I recommend you try out #mbfa with Megan Davies.

#mbfa program thumbnail

If you’d like to do weight training like you’re at a gym then you’ll like Hammer and Chisel with Sagi Kalev and Autumn Calabrese.

Hammer and Chisel program thumbnail

If you want to get tone using band/exercise loops then try 80-Day Obsession with Autumn Calabrese.

80-Day Obesssion program thumbnail

If you don’t have any equipment but want to get toned then do JBYB (Just Bring Your Body).

JBYB program thumbnail

If you don’t have much time then try Job1 with Jennifer Jacobs.

Job1 program thumbnail

Two bonus toning programs that are deep in the archives of BOD but that I recommend for toning are Morning Meltdown 100 with Jericho McMatthews and The Work with Amoila Cesar.

Top Beachbody Programs (for women) for Cardio

If you’re a beginner at cardio then try A Little Obsessed with Autumn Calabrese or Turbo Fire with Chalene Johnson.

If you’re advanced when it comes to cardio then try Insanity or Shaun Week with Shaun T.

If you want a blend of cardio and toning in one program then try 9-Week Control Freak with Autumn Calabrese.

9 Week Control Freak program thumbnail

If you don’t have much time to workout then try Transform 20 with Shaun T.

Transform 20 program thumbnail

If you like martial arts then definitely try out Core de Force. I can’t say enough good things about this program. So fun!

Core de Force program thumbnail

And 2 one of my all-time favorite workout programs for cardio are Insanity Max:30 and Insanity The Asylum. They’ve been around for a while but will always kick your butt! Don’t skip these because they’re ‘classic’.

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