Cathe Friedrich’s STS Programs (What You Need to Know–A Review)

June 28, 2023

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Today, I’m excited to dive into Cathe Friedrich’s new STS program and share my thoughts with you. STS, which stands for Shock Training System, is a comprehensive strength training program that’s challenging and transformational. Now, let’s take a closer look at what sets this new program (STS 2.0 Muscle and Recovery) apart from its predecessor, its goals, the equipment used, the participants, who it’s designed for, its standout features, areas for improvement, and how you can get your hands on it.

What is the STS Program?

The STS 2.0 program was developed by renowned fitness expert Cathe Friedrich. The program consists of various workout classes that combine progressive strength training exercises with cardiovascular elements, designed to challenge participants and maximize their fitness gains.

STS 2.0: Muscle & Recovery is a comprehensive strength training program that will guide you through three challenging phases that each has their own individual formatting and training techniques to help you build strength and muscle. No matter what your lifting preferences are, this series has it all! Total Body workouts? Got ’em! All upper body and all lower body workouts? Got ’em! Single body part workouts? Got them too! There is something in this workout program for everyone. The focus of this program is strength and hypertrophy. Most exercises or rounds are followed by full one-minute rest breaks so that you can power back up for your next heavy set!

How Does STS 2.0 Compare to the Original STS Program?

Before we dive into the details, let’s address the burning question: how does the new STS 2.0 program compare to its predecessor? (It’s hard to believe that it’s been over 10 years since the first STS program!)

While the original STS program is a tried and true classic (definitely try the original STS program after the new one), Cathe Friedrich has taken it up a notch with this new version.

There are new exercises, advanced training techniques, and a carefully crafted workout schedule to provide a revamped, fun and challenging fitness experience.

Program Goals and Class Details

The goal of the STS program remains the same—to help you build lean muscle mass, increase strength, and enhance your overall fitness level.

The STS 2.0 Muscle and Recovery program has 25 main workout classes (and numerous bonus classes and premix routines) spread across three phases.

Some of the Premix Classes in STS 2.0

Phase 1 is focused on total body workouts, Phase 2 is all upper body/all lower body routines and Phase 3 has single body part workouts.

Each phase introduces new exercises and progressively pushes your limits, ensuring that you never plateau or get bored.

There are 4 main ab workouts: standing, standing plus floor exercises, mini ball abs and no equipment abs.

The recovery workouts include foam rolling, yoga, mobility and active recovery/stretching classes.

The structured progression of the program allows for continuous growth and adaptation throughout the program.

The great thing about the STS 2.0 Muscle Recovery program is that you can customize how you do the classes based on your abilities and fitness goals.

The free User’s Guide will help you create a workout calendar that’s ideal for you!

Equipment Used

You’ll see a lot of equipment used in STS 2.0 (but you won’t need to go out and buy everything you see in the routines).

The only equipment you need to invest in to get started (in my opinion) is a range of dumbbell sizes (light to very heavy), a barbell* and an exercise step.

*Cathe sells the best barbell for women (IMO). I’m NOT an affiliate but I love it.

The Team of Exercisers in STS 2.0 and Who STS is For

I LOVE that Cathe Friedrich’s team of exercisers stays the same program after program.

If you’ve done any Cathe programs before (or have a membership to Cathe Live) then you’ll see a lot of familiar faces (the 2 Jenn’s, Brenda, Al and Kristin).*

*I don’t know anyone’s last name but if you’re a Cathe fan then you’ll know who they are on a first-name basis:-)

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, the program offers modifications and progressions to accommodate various fitness levels.

Both STS programs are for men or women who like (or want to incorporate more) gym-style traditional weight training into their workouts.

The Best Things About the STS Program

One of the best aspects of the STS program is its comprehensive and well-structured approach to strength training.

Cathe Friedrich has developed a meticulously planned workout schedule that ensures participants engage in a variety of exercises targeting different muscle groups throughout the program. It keeps the workouts exciting and helps you achieve balanced muscle development and reduce the risk of overuse injuries.

The users guide and workout calendars that come with STS 2.0 is one of the best things about the program. Make sure you download or print out the guide.

What Could Make STS 2.0 (Even) Better

Cathe has thought of (pretty much) everything when it comes to this program.

The only way she could make it even better would be to add nutritional guidance or meal plans alongside the program to help participants optimize their results and support their fitness goals.

The only other thing I’ll mention in this section is that there’s a lot of equipment on the set for STS 2.0. (I was a little intimidated/worried during some of the workouts because of it.)

But Cathe gives you several ways to execute each exercise using different equipment options so it’s not an issue.

How to Get Started

To get your hands on the STS 2.0 program you should head over to Cathe Friedrich’s official website. There, you’ll find detailed information on how to purchase and access the program.

Whether you prefer digital downloads or DVDs, Cathe has made sure there are options to suit your needs.

I recommend you consider signing up for a memberhip to Cathe on Demand (which includes Cathe Live) to access the STS Muscle and Recovery program. It’s super affordable and you’ll be able to do every workout in Cathe has created (there are 100’s).

Cathe Friedrich’s new STS program is a powerhouse when it comes to strength training. With its challenging workouts and progressive structure, this program guides you to your full potential. While it builds upon the foundation of the original STS, it brings fresh exercises and advanced techniques to keep you motivated and help you hit your fitness goal.

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