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Tough Mudder Training Template (Week Three)

March 9, 2016

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Yes, You Still Have  Long Way to Go But You Can Do This!

Do Not Give Up!

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Welcome to WEEK THREE of your Tough Mudder 12-Week Training Plan!


*If you’re reading this post you should have already browsed this post: Read this BEFORE you start Training!

In case you’ve landed on Week 3 and still need Weeks One and Two of my Tough Mudder Training Plan:

Week One Tough Mudder Training Template

Week Two Tough Mudder Training Template

Do the daily workouts in whatever order works for you.  For example, You don’t have to do the Week 1 Workout 1, on your first day of training.  Just get in all 7 every week. (And you aren’t allowed to do more than one workout a day to skip 2 days).

Tip:  Remember Option 1 workouts are all Cathe Friedrich programs (plus the run that day, where applicable), and the Option 2 workouts are from various Beachbody programs.

Unless you already own these programs the best way to get access to all of these workouts while you’re training is via a membership to Cathe On Demand + Live (you can sign up here) or Beachbody on Demand.  (You can always cancel your membership after your Tough Mudder.)

You can read, Stop Going to the Gym!  Workout at Home–Beachbody on Demand vs Cathe on Demand, for a comparison of these two programs.  I have a subscription to both of them.

A Few Helpful Links:

Tough Mudder FAQ’s Part One

Tough Mudder FAQ’s Part Two

Locate and register for your TM


Losing Weight is Hard

Being Fat is Hard

Pick Your Hard*

*No, this is not a weight loss program.  But I love this quote.

Remember my notes below each week refer to the Option One workouts.  I list Option Two as a (perfectly acceptable) alternative, but I used Option One when I was training.

For ‘How long did it take me?’ and ‘Total calories‘, these numbers are the run (where applicable) and Option One workout COMBINED.

run 6 miles and do the option 1 or 2 workout

My treadmill is at a 1% grade.  That’s not on purpose.  That’s as low as we can put it without making a phone call or looking up what screws to take out online. 

We’re slackers about stuff like that. 

Point is, I hate it.  It’s harder to run on a hill no matter how small.  Life is hard sometimes.

no run today, just do the option 1 or 2 workout

Option 1 Workout- Cathe Friedrich, Body Max 

Option 2 Workout-Tough Mudder Circuits 1-5 AND Ab Ripper from P90X or P90X2

Reminder-In your Cathe on Demand membership, the main Cathe Friedrich workouts can be found alphabetically under the ‘My Videos’ tab.  The Cathe Friedrich premix workouts can be found under the ‘Workout Blender’ tab (on your computer).  If you’re using the app (on a mobile device) the workouts are categorized by series or type as soon as you open the app.

Reminder-Every single Beachbody workout can be found in a basic Beachbody on Demand membership

This program (Body Max) is old.  I know this.  Cathe might have considered leg warmers when she was picking out what to wear to film this.  But this video is hard.  And thorough.  Body Max is a total body cardio and weight training workout and it will kick your ass.

If you don’t like it then do the Tough Mudder circuits for 90 minutesOr do a couple of Beachbody workouts.  I don’t care.  Just do something.  Don’t sit on your ass and decide you can’t do this workout because it was filmed when you were in diapers.

Remember when we talked about endurance? 

You need to get some. 

You need to forget about all those mini/timesaving workouts you just purchased from the latest infomercial and commit to doing some long workouts (or several mini workouts in a row) to prepare for this race.

run 3 miles plus do the option 1 or 2 workou

Remember you can do the run BEFORE or AFTER your workout (Option 1 or 2)

Option 1 Workout-Cathe Friedrich, PlyoHiiT One & Two* (Premix-Plyo HiiT Two, Double It) 

*The link will take you to a review of Hiit One and Two.  Notice the premix I did for today was Hiit Two (twice).

Option 2 Workout- P90X2 Plyocide

Technology is like a unicorn some days (true love and magic) and like a hair in your restaurant salad on others (rage and disgust).  

My heart rate monitor lost connection several times during my workout.

This makes me a raging crazy person.  (Small things bother me more than they should sometimes.  It’s a problem.  

Reminder:  Don’t plug my numbers into your Fitness Pal.  The numbers on your heart rate monitor will always be different.)

run 4 miles today, there's no additional workout

We talked about this already but you can tell by how long it takes me to complete a run that obviously I walk some of the distance.

If you run the whole time you will finish quicker.  Duh.  I don’t like to run.  It hurts.  I’d rather lift weights or do a step workout any day than run.  That’s me.  Maybe you ran cross country in high school.  Good for you.  You were probably skinny and fashionable, too.  I hate you so bad right now.

there's no run today, you just do the option 1 or 2 workout

Option 1 Workout-Cardio Fusion*

Option 2 Workout-Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit plus 2 Tough Mudder circuits (you pick them)

*So, you know my motto at this point: Shut up.  Try something new for once.  Today will be a little exception.  Please PREVIEW THIS VIDEO BEFORE ATTEMPTING OR PURCHASING IT.  If you know that you’re not coordinated (you know who you are) then you might want to try another workout. 

Imagine trying to do all the steps of the entire broadway production of Fame (I’m old ok.) or STOMP as they’re doing it. 

Cathe does NOT break down the steps (in parts) of this video. 

It’s frustrating if you’re not already familiar with the workouts that are ‘fused’ together.  You will HATE me if you pull out your step and dive in to this workout without knowing this in advance.  You’ve been warned.  Don’t send me hate mail.  

You can always do another cardio workout for about 84 minutes.  I suggest the Cathe X10 video, X77 premix (or the Option 2 Workout above).  

If I had it to do over, I’d have done X77 for this.  I wasn’t thinking.  I apologize.

**I stopped to answer a phone call during this workout and didn’t pause my HRM (so you’ll probably finish a lot faster).  I tell you all this to point out that I’m just a normal person with a family and a life to lead WHILE training for a Tough Mudder.  Make it all work together.

it's the rest day option for week 3 of your Tough Mudder training plan

You’ve earned a rest day.  Enjoy it.  Run errands.  Go to the dentist.  Cook a fancy dinner. 

You’re doing great. 

Don’t get cocky.  You’ve got a long way to go but you’re doing amazing.

Remember you can do the workouts IN ANY ORDER you want every week.  

I suggest you throw in your REST DAY on one of the days you’re really busy at work or with your family and don’t have time to do a workout.  Don’t sabotage your training.  

Plan out every week (preferably in advance) so you get in all of your workouts.  

Rest days are necessary for your sanity and health.  Use them wisely.

run 3 miles and do the option 1 or 2 workout

Option 1 Workout- Cathe Friedrich, To the Max 

Option 2 Workout- P90X3 Agility X plus Tough Mudder Circuits 1 & 3 or 1 & 5

I have a considerable blister from my heart rate monitor.  Just saying.  Exercise is hard.

you'll run 16 miles using my Tough Mudder Training Plan in week 3

If you haven’t done it already, go ahead and register for your race. 

You’ve been training for 3 weeks.  It’s happening.  You’re going to do this.  

I know the Tough Mudder is expensive.  But it’s an investment in you.  It’s ok.  (You know you’ve paid at least as much for a purse.  Admit it.)

If you haven’t already, sign up to receive my next post in your email.  Be inspired!  You’re awesome!

And here are handy links to a pdf of my Tough Mudder Training Plan in 3 different forms:

12-Week Tough Mudder Training Plan with Cathe Friedrich

12-Week Tough Mudder Training Plan with Beachbody

12-Week Tough Mudder Training Plan with Cathe Friedrich and Beachbody Options

Go ahead and GET READY FOR Week 4!


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